Betegy And ESTV Team To Deliver Next-Gen Visuals And Fan Engagement for E-Sports Programming

Two members in the burgeoning field of on-screen e-sports entertainment content are joining forces to engage fans. ESTV has partnered with Betegy, an independent provider of personalized sports data and gaming visualization, to drive enhanced value for fans and sponsors across the esports, wagering and overall entertainment markets. The announcement was made following the Global Gaming […]

Univision Starts New E-Sports Site

Univision’s Fusion Media Group introduced a website dedicated to covering e-sports, its first new media property since buying bankrupt Gawker Media last year. Editors of the sports website Deadspin and gaming-themed Kotaku will run the new publication, called Compete, starting with two fulltime writers who will cover the news and culture of competitive video gaming. Gillette, the razor maker owned by Procter & Gamble, will be the sole advertiser for the first six months.