Senators Call For Investigation Of Smart TV

Two Democratic senators have asked the FTC to investigate the business practices of smart-television manufacturers amid worries that companies are tracking consumers’ viewing behavior without their knowledge.


Markey: Will NBC Boston Reach OTA Viewers?

Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) is raising questions about the biggest shakeup in the local television scene in two decades, asking Comcast whether its new NBC O&O in Boston will fail to reach some viewers who still watch TV over the airwaves.

Senators Urge Wheeler To Move On STBs

They want the commission to launch a rulemaking to allow consumers to use set-top boxes of their choice to receive MVPD programming.


Markey Wants FCC To Intervene In CBS-TWC

Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), who recently won John F. Kerry’s Senate seat, on Tuesday asked the FCC to step in and restart retrans negotiations between the broadcast network and the cable MSO. “I believe the public interest would be best served if carriage is restored by the parties at the earliest possible time so that consumers are not long caught in the middle,” he said.