Nielsen: 36.1M Watched Midterm Returns

The ratings firm said Wednesday that 36.1 million people watched midterm election results on TV, a whopping 59% increase over the last midterms in 2014. For the last midterm election during Barack Obama’s presidency, an estimated 22.7 million people watched the counting. Nielsen said it was the largest midterm election audience dating back to 2002. Fox News Channel led the way with 7.78 million viewers.

Fox News Led Way On House Call

In an aggressive call on a night when many television networks played it safe, Fox News was the first major news organization to project that the Democrats would retake control of the House of Representatives, dealing a blow to the channel’s most famous viewer, President Trump.

Midterm Coverage Follows Sports Into Streaming

For the first time, almost every major news organization will be providing live video coverage of the elections.

How Broadcast News Is Prepping For Midterms

There’s one thing the highly competitive broadcast news anchors and producers responsible for covering the midterm elections can agree on: the stakes almost couldn’t be higher, both for politicians and the television networks that cover them. “These are the events that define a news division,” says Marc Burstein, ABC News senior executive producer. “It is the Super Bowl of our business.”

On Election Night, Maps Show Lay Of The Land

ABC News Using AR On Election Night

News Orgs Aim For Digital Election Engagement

Television networks and other news organizations recognize that many people will follow the results on TV with a pad or smartphone in hand, or eschew television altogether. They’re competing aggressively to provide immersive digital experiences, particularly for people impatient to know how the news affects them personally.