Channel Repack Takes Center Stage At NAB

TV broadcasters have a lot on their minds this year at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. New efficiencies enabled by IP video transport as well as IT technology and next-gen TV made possible by ATSC 3.0 are near top of mind. But no issue facing over-the-air TV broadcasters at this year’s gathering tops the FCC-mandated repack of the television spectrum. Above: Few transmitter sites will require dealing with logistical issues as complicated as those that had to be overcome at One World Trade Center in New York. (Photo: ©2016 John M. Lyons. Used with permission.)


RF Vendors Prepare For TV Spectrum Repack

This summer, Phil Kurz, TVNewsCheck’s technology editor, hit the road to visit the manufacturing facilities of Dielectric, Electronics Research Inc. (ERI) and GatesAir (above) to see how each is preparing for the expected spike in demand for antennas, transmitters and other RF components as a result of the TV spectrum repack. This is what he learned.

Tower Firm: ‘Quiet Period’ Will Harm Transition

TV tower firm Electronics Research warned the FCC that the “quiet period” for broadcasters during the ongoing broadcast incentive auctions could have a “detrimental effect” on planning for the resulting channel reassignment transition.


ERI Expanding Antenna Facilities, Workforce

Antenna and RF component manufacturer Electronics Research Inc. is on track to increase its antenna production capacity by 800% before the end of the year after entering into an agreement with wireless provider T-Mobile to facilitate the expansion. Above, an aerial view of ERI’s Chandler, Ind., antenna manufacturing facility. The company plans to add three new buildings and more than 100 employees by year’s end. (ERI photo)

ERI, T-Mobile Partner To Help Speed Repack

Electronics Research Inc. will work with T-Mobile to ensure the availability of equipment and installation crews to accelerate completion of the mandated television channel changes following the conclusion of the FCC’s broadcast incentive auction.

NAB 2016 Exhibitors: Electronics Research Inc.

Electronics Research Inc. | Booth C2324 | Website: Electronics Research Inc. is debuting a new family of broadband high band VHF panel antennas. The Electronics Research ETV Series high band VHF television antennas include a horizontally polarized high band VHF panel antenna element as well as an element for circularly polarized requirements. As with […]