TV Ad Spend To Drop By $1B As Digital Rises

As TV viewing continues to change, marketers are trying to keep pace. That means 2018 spending on traditional TV ads will fall by $1 billion to drop below the $70 billion plateau for the first time since 2015, according to a new forecast from eMarketer.

Programmatic To Be 80% Of US Display Spend

Despite the fact that programmatic media and ad tech, in general, have received a thrashing in recent months, spending on programmatic display advertising is projected to reach nearly $33 billion in 2017, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast.

eMarketer Estimates Native Ad Spending

Offering its first estimate of the size of the native advertising market, eMarketer said U.S. native digital display ad spend will grow 36.2% this year to reach $22.09 billion. At that level it will make up 52.9% of all display ad spending in the U.S.

Digital To Overtake TV Ad Spending This Year

The shift in ad industry market share from so-called “analogue” media to “digital” media is accelerating, and the latter is now expected to surpass television’s historically dominant share of U.S. ad spending by the end of 2016 — months sooner than expected, according to the statsmasters at eMarketer.

Programmatic TV Ad Spend To Double

Programmatic TV spending will be more than double what it was a year ago — but will continue to represent a tiny portion of overall spending for the next few years. Estimates are that programmatic TV — automated TV advertising software spending of live TV on cable, satellite, telco platforms — will grow 127.8% to $710 million this year, according to eMarketer.

Surprise: Time Spent With Media Leveling Off

After years of huge growth as people hopped on new media and new devices, time spent will grow just 3 minutes from 2016 to 2018. Looks like we’re nearing the saturation point.

Good Year Forecast For U.S. Ad Market

While the U.S. advertising market is poised for a good year due to digital media, political advertising, and the Rio Summer Olympics, some media segments appear to be slowing a bit. A new forecast from eMarketer says U.S. ad spending will grow 5.1% this year to $192.02 billion, with TV spending rising 2.5% to $70.6 billion and digital media spending up 15.4% to $68.82 billion.


Busting Some Myths About Hispanics

According to a new eMarketer study, they’re not as young as you may think, and they have less buying power than some would have you believe. They’re not bigger users of social media overall.

U.S. Share Of Global Ad Spend Falls

n the heels of this week’s big agency forecast updates, ad market tracker and aggregator eMarketer released a new interactive guide to the global ad marketplace consensus. The U.S. has fallen to less than a third of the worldwide ad market, but represents a critical mass of digital media, especially mobile.


Programmatic Display Spend: $20B By 2016

In its first deep dive into the U.S. programmatic display ad marketplace, market research company eMarketer estimates that programmatic spend in display advertising will top $10 billion this year, rising to over $20 billion by 2016.

Digital Video’s Hot But Does Face Hurdles

While eMarketer is predicting 56% revenue growth for digital video ads this year, there are hurdles to online video spending that will slow its growth over the longer term. “There are factors holding back digital video ads, not the least of which is that television advertising is still incredibly popular,” says Martin Utreras, senior forecasting analyst at eMarketer.


Forecast: This Is The Year Mobile Ads Explode

Mobile advertising is set to take off in a major way over the coming months, and by year’s end it will be the No. 3 form of advertising, surpassing print, radio and out of home. That’s pretty impressive for a format that did not even exist a few years ago. That prediction comes from eMarketer, the online advertising tracking firm, which predicts that mobile ad spending in the U.S. will shoot up by 83% this year, to $17.73 billion.


Trad TV Ads Solid, But Digital TV Video Soars

Traditional TV advertising continues to make steady and small single-digit percentage gains, while digital TV video is sustaining its big double-digit rapid growth. TV advertising will climb 3.3% in 2014 to $68.54 billion, with digital video advertising spending 41% higher to $5.89 billion.


2013 TV, Digital Ad Dollars To Hit $66B

Television advertising dollars will continue to steadily rise in the coming years, while digital video advertising spending will initially see much faster growth. New estimates are that the entire TV ad spending market — broadcast and cable networks, syndication, and local TV — will get to $66.3 billion by the end of this year, up 2.8% over 2012, according to eMarketer.


US Online Ad Spending To Hit $31B This Year

U.S online advertising revenue this year will surge 20% to $31.3 billion on the strength of robust display ad spending, according to the latest forecast from eMarketer. That’s a jump from the market research firm’s prior estimate from the end of 2010, projecting online ad sales would increase just 10% to $28.5 billion in 2011.


Media’s Seismic Shift, Expressed In Dollars

Over the next five years, the media economy will grow at a fairly brisk pace, increasing each year after a 4 percent bump in 2010. But that won’t be enough to make up for the $40 billion in ad revenue that disappeared during the recession, according to a new report. EMarketer Senior Editor Nicole Perrin, lead author of the report, talks about online pricing, TV share and why print is still struggling.


TV Advertising Not Dead Yet

Researcher eMarketer predicts that U.S. TV ad spending will account for more than 39% of all major media spending by advertisers in 2015, fractionally higher than its share this year.

Forecast: TV Regains Hefty Ad Levels

Television advertising revenues will regain their pre-recession levels next year, with Internet advertising having little to no effect on it. TV ad dollars, which hit $59.0 billion at the end of 2010, will climb to $64.5 billion next year. Last year’s strong growth over a weak recessionary market’s 2009 was 9.7%. This year, the growth — at 2.5% — will be more modest, reaching $60.5 billion. Internet advertising, the second-biggest ad category, will reach $28.5 billon by the end of 2011.

Web Ad Revenue Surges In 2010

Online advertising revenue will surge by 13.9% to $25.8 billion in 2010 in the U.S., according to the latest forecast from industry researcher eMarketer. That’s at least the third time that eMarketer has revised its 2010 spending estimates upward. A year ago the company predicted 5.5% growth this year. By May of this year that estimate had swelled to 11%.