Requiem For The General Manager

An unsettling trend of putting GMs in charge of multiple markets is creeping into the industry. It doesn’t bode well for those who hope for any degree of proficiency at that scale.


Baltimore Bridge Collapse Reinforces The Essential Need For Local Coverage

Local reporters, anchors and news helicopters played an invaluable role in telling the story of Tuesday morning’s shocking disaster in Baltimore, proving once more their value as a signal amid the noise.

David Barrett, Michael J. Hayes, Emily Barr To Honor Hearst’s Jordan Wertlieb

They will be the presenting speakers at the March 4 Broadcasters Foundation of America’s annual Golden Mic gala that will include a special tribute to long-time BFOA Chairman Phil Lombardo.


With Election Coverage, Local TV News Gets A Last Run At Trust

This year’s election offers television stations an opportunity to rebuild trust with viewers by super-serving them with substantive coverage of the candidates and a forum for debates.


As News Media Work To Connect With Citizens Anew, TV Can Play A Big Part

Digital news startups and struggling newspapers can make excellent partners with local TV stations that still have the power and platforms to engage like no other media.


TV Newsrooms, It’s Time To Pay Up

TV journalists shouldn’t be forced to choose between their passion for storytelling and their need to support themselves and their families. The industry’s leaders need to step up to the challenge of improving their pay.


Dump Old FCC Rules On Negotiating With Streamers, Or Watch Local News Suffer

The newly formed Coalition for Local News wants to convince the FCC that broadcasters must negotiate directly with vMVPDs to ensure their long-term fiscal viability. They’re smartly drawing a direct line between local TV news and democracy’s health to make their case.


Has Scripps’ Symson Offered Local News’ Best Path To Reinvention?

E.W. Scripps President-CEO Adam Symson has laid out a bold way forward for local TV news to reengage with substance, backing it with investments and more reporters. Will the market let him stay on that path?

Talking TV: Emily Barr On Sinclair’s Shuttered Newsrooms

Emily Barr, TVNewsCheck columnist and former CEO-president of Graham Media, weighs in on the troubling implications of Sinclair’s closure of five newsrooms across its markets and what shoes may drop next for an industry up against serious headwinds. A full transcript of the conversation is included.


Why This Veteran TV Leader Is Trying To Buy A Newspaper

After a long career in television, I’m hoping to do my bit to secure the future of trusted information and civility in media by launching a not-for-profit newspaper company in Maine.


Finding Common Ground In The Final Four… And Localism

The communal experience of watching the Final Four tournament reminds us of what can bind us, happily, as a culture. Local TV stations can tap into that vein everyday by mining and celebrating what is unique to their communities.


Going Beyond ‘If It Bleeds, It Leads’

A recent conference from the National Press Foundation, Radio Television Digital News Directors Association and Arnold Ventures offered journalistic paths out of conventional — and damaging — TV news crime coverage conventions. All newsrooms would do well to check in with the ideas raised there.


Snowstorm Coverage Reminds Us Once Again Why Local News Matters

Western New York’s deadly holiday storm gave us yet another example of how local news shares life-saving information better than any other platform, weaving a continuous thread of information and critical perspective.


Emily Barr And Hank Price: How Mentoring Made Us

TVNewsCheck columnists and veteran TV executives Hank Price and Emily Barr began their friendship more than 40 years ago as an industry mentor and mentee. In this joint column they reflect on that relationship, how it shaped their respective careers and how young professionals today can form their own fruitful mentoring relationships.


The Way We Cover Crime Is Criminal

Local news needs to examine its addiction to crime stories and how that coverage is pushing aside other serious issues — the economy, cost of living, growing national divisiveness, among them — that viewers want to hear more about.


The Network-Affiliate Conundrum

The broadcast networks may be desperate to keep up with the big streamers by laying big bets on their own, but in the process, they’re choking off their local affiliates and hastening their own demise. It’s time for a more cooperative relationship.


Why We Need The JCPA Now

The Big Tech behemoths are squeezing local media for content, controlling the algorithms that reach broad digital audiences, limiting or denying monetization and withholding data, which in turn control who can see the stories we are working so hard to tell. The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, which enjoys rare bipartisan support in Washington, is how local media need to fight back.


How Local Television Stations Can Reinforce Community Trust

Trust is the crucial currency that keeps audiences returning to local TV news, but most newsrooms can do more to build it. Here are some practical steps that will pay off in dividends for newsrooms.


Sympathy For The News Director

News directors are the backbone of local broadcasting, wrangling an endless onslaught of crises while managing the most complex department of a TV station. Let’s ensure they have everything they need to shoulder their burdens.

Emily Barr: Stations Often ‘Last Local News Source Standing’

Emily Barr, former president and CEO of Graham Media Group, gave an impassioned speech at the B+C Hall of Fame as she was inducted April 14. Barr urged local broadcasters to stay strong amid their mounting challenges. She also blasted social platforms for borrowing from local TV, and networks for shifting broadcast shows to streaming.

Graham CEO Emily Barr Sets NAB Show Expectations

Graham Media Group President and CEO Emily Barr talks about her outlook for the upcoming convention.

Emily Barr, Graham CEO, To Retire; Catherine Badalamente To Succeed Her

The veteran broadcasting executive is stepping down later this year. She joined Graham Media Group, then Post-Newsweek Stations, in 2012. Under her leadership, she has transformed the organization from a broadcast-based model to seven local media hubs — each in a top-71 market, representing just under 7% coverage in the U.S. Her successor, Catherine Badalamente, joined Graham in 2000, serving in a number of executive roles, including spearheading the organization’s digital efforts since 2009, most recently as VP and chief innovation officer.

Barr, Wertlieb Emphasize Value Of Local News

The heads of Graham Media, Emily Barr, and Hearst Television, Jordan Wertlieb, yesterday agreed that local journalism, particularly that practiced by TV stations, was critical to the nation’s well-being. The two made their remarks as they were honored as Giants of Broadcasting and the Electronic Arts by the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation.


Graham’s Barr Offers A ‘Master Class’ In TV Leadership

Emily Barr, president and CEO of Graham Media Group, enjoys an unrivaled level of respect and admiration among station group chiefs. TVNewsCheck’s Station Group of the Year-winning leader forged her reputation on her exceptional empathy and embrace of innovation. Read part one of this three-part series here.

TVN Names Graham Station Group Of The Year

Led by Emily Barr, Graham Media Group has long been at the vanguard of multimedia experimentation, making bold moves in streaming and on digital platforms. In an era of dramatic industry consolidation, the family-owned group has also remained defiantly independent.

TVN’S TV2025

TV Group CEOs Bullish On Core Recovery, M&A Pickup In ’21

The chief executives of E.W. Scripps, Sinclair, Graham Media and Allen Media see brighter days coming in 2021 with the prospect of the Supreme Court quashing outdated ownership rules and M&A activity heating up, along with core advertising bouncing back from the pandemic. Read the story and/or watch the full video  above.

Barr To Broadcasters: ‘We Must All Do Better’

Broadcasters must hold public officials accountable, Graham Media CEO Emily Barr tells TVB conference attendees, and diversify station ranks from the bottom to the top.

TV CEOs On Industry’s Dramatic Year At TV2025

Leaders from Sinclair, E.W. Scripps, Graham Media and Entertainment Studios will share their outlook on a momentous year and its implications for revenue prospects, M&A, NextGen TV and an evolving relationship with the networks at TVNewsCheck’s virtual conference TV2025: Monetizing the Future on Oct. 21. Register here.


TVN Executive Session | Graham’s Barr: Pandemic Will Escalate ‘Flexible Work’

Emily Barr, president and CEO of Graham Media Group, is holding the line against layoffs, furloughs or salary cuts, but still sees a rocky second quarter unfolding. She says being communicative and honest with employees has been the most essential part of managing through an unprecedented crisis.

Barr Touts Stations’ Coronavirus Innovations

Graham Media Group President and CEO Emily Barr credits local GMs, news directors and sales leaders with spinning up creative and inspiring efforts to pull their markets through the crisis.

TVN’S TV2020

On Group CEOs Minds: FCC Cap, 3.0, Live Programming

Not all broadcasters believe that the cap should go away completely. Graham’s Emily Barr: “The problem is, 39% seems wrong and 100% seems wrong.” Other topics at the TV2020 conference Wednesday: The panelists were extremely bullish on how much live programming will play into the overall health of the broadcast industry. And they expressed enthusiasm for ATSC 3.0, saying that there is no need for a solid business 3.0 business plan to make sense of the massive initiative. L-r: TVNewsCheck’s Harry Jessell, Graham Media’s Emily Barr, Nexstar’s Perry Sook, Fox Television Stations’ Jack Abernethy and Gray’s Hilton Howell. (Photo: Wendy Moger-Bross)

TV Group CEOs To Highlight TV2020

The top executives of four TV station groups will survey the state of the TV broadcast business and its major growth opportunities at TVNewsCheck’s third annual TV2020: Monetizing the Future […]

Emily Barr Receives Golden Mike Award

The CEO of Graham Media was honored by the Broadcasters Foundation of America at the group’s annual event in New York. Above (l-r): Jim Thompson, president of the Broadcasters Foundation; Deborah Norville of Inside Edition; Barr; and Dan Mason, chairman of the Broadcasters Foundation.

Deborah Norville To Host Golden Mike Award

The Inside Edition anchor will oversee the Broadcasters Foundation of America’s black-tie fundraiser honoring Graham Media’s Emily Barr. In addition, Pat McLaughlin will accept the group’s Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of her late husband Ed McLaughlin.

Emily Barr To Receive Golden Mike Award

The Graham Media CEO will be honored by the Broadcasters Foundation of America in March at the charitable organization’s annual black-tie gala.


Webinar: Optimize, Monetize On Facebook

Emily BarrJim MoroneyPat LaPlatneyC-level executives from Graham Media (Barr), Raycom (LaPlatney)  and the Dallas Morning News (Moroney) will discuss the challenges of maintaining brand identity and monetizing inside Facebook’s walled garden during a TVNewsCheck webinar: “Optimize, Monetize Your Facebook Strategy.” Set for Tuesday, June 13, at 2 p.m. ET, the webinar, which will also feature Jason White, Facebook’s manager of U.S. news partnerships, will confront the challenges of migrating audiences from Facebook back to media’s owned and operated platforms.

Illinois Broadcasters Honor Emily Barr

Emily Barr, president-CEO of Post-Newsweek Stations and the former president-GM of ABC-owned WLS Chicago, will be honored as Broadcaster of the Year today by the Illinois Broadcasters Association.

Emily Barr: P-N Stations Not For Sale

In a memo to staffers, Emily Barr, the president and CEO of the Post-Newsweek stations, is seeking to allay fears within the station group after the sale of WPLG, the ABC affiliate in Miami, was announced this morning.

Steady As She Goes At Post-Newsweek

Emily Barr, CEO of the Washington Post Co.’s six-station television division says it wasn’t a bidder for Allbritton’s WJLA Washington and will continue its acquisition strategy. “We pay attention to, and consider, any and all possibilities as they come along, but we’re a very disciplined company and any decision to purchase would be consistent with that philosophy.”

Emily Barr Joins NAB Television Board

The head of Post-Newsweek Stations is named to fill the slot held by her predecessor Alan Frank.