Thinking Beyond The Buzzword

What does “engaged” journalism mean for you, your audience … and your bottom line?

Biden Draws More Online Engagement As Election Nears

Moving Your Social Posts Beyond ‘Like-Bait’

Here are some keys to creating meaningful engagement with your news audiences.

Nielsen: How Social Drives TV Engagement

Once reserved for reaching friends and family far and wide, social media platforms have become increasingly valuable for celebrities and businesses in expanding their reach and influence — providing a more direct, authentic voice for entities to connect with their audiences. For players across the TV industry, learning how to wield this social media influence is a key factor in their marketing mix.

How Facebook Changes Affect Local News

Recent algorithm updates emphasize conversation and trust. If Facebook is an important platform for your newsroom, spending time replying to comments and engaging with followers’ questions can be good for your engagement and for your station’s trusted role in your community.

Video = 30% Of Station Facebook Engagement

Study: New Engagement Currency Needed

According to research conducted on behalf of Share Rocket, marketers must understand, measure, and harness the metric of media engagement to drive ad effectiveness with today’s digital-savvy consumer. The research showcases insights and findings on the current online advertising ecosystem, the shifting behavior of consumers and immediate steps marketers, advertisers and publishers can take to tap into the potential of engagement and a more effective revenue stream.