EPort Handles Record Local TV Ad Buys

Comcast’s ad tech company FreeWheel, said agencies spent a record $1.26 billion using the  automated ePort platform to buy ads from local stations and rep firms during September. The total smashed the previous record of $936 million set in December 2019.

FreeWheel Sees Record Orders Run For Local Broadcast Via ePort Platform In March

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change viewing behaviors across the nation, consumers appear to be increasingly turning to their local broadcast stations for the up-to-the minute information. That surge in viewership may help explain why FreeWheel’s ePort technology managed to post its largest first quarter transaction throughput total in history, with orders totaling $1.706 billion. […]


Noland And Auerbach: TVN’s Bright Futurists

The recipients of TVNewsCheck’s inaugural Women in Technology Futurist Awards — the TVB’s Abby Auerbach and LG and ATSC’s Madeleine Noland — epitomize the quality of taking a long-range view of where the television industry should be moving and figuring out how to get it there.

ePort Passes $4B In Spot Deals In 2014

The programmatic ad platform, a cooperative effort between Strata, Katz Media and Cox Reps, setsan all-time record for orders.

ePort Drives $183 Million In May Orders

STRATA’s electronic ad buying and selling platform sets a record with $600 million in new business so far this year.

Katz, Cox Reps, Strata Adopt TVB’s ePort

The two leading rep firms along with the broadcast software developer will provide the financial support to maintain and further develop the system for buying and selling spot TV.