EU Wants To Ensure Independent Media, Tougher Media Mergers Rules

EU Regulators Clear Amazon’s $8.45B Purchase Of MGM

The online shopping giant said last year that it was buying MGM in a $8.45 billion deal aimed at bulking up its video streaming service with more content to watch.VThe European Commission said its investigation found the deal “would not significantly reduce competition” in European markets, including for movie and TV production, wholesale supply of TV channels and retail supply of “audiovisual services.”

Fox’s London Office Raided By Investigators

The London offices of 21st Century Fox’s Fox Networks Group were raided by European Commission investigators Tuesday as part of a wider probe into possible anticompetitive practices regarding the distribution of sports rights in the region.

EU Slaps Google With Record $2.7 Billion Fine

European antitrust regulators hit Google with a record €2.4 billion ($2.7 billion) fine on Tuesday for systematically favoring its own search results above those of its competitors. The European Commission found that the U.S. tech giant used its search results to unfairly steer customers to its own shopping platform in a case that dates to 2010.

Panasonic To Appeal EU Ruling On CRT Cartel

EU To Make Broadcasters Give Up Spectrum

European broadcasters are emerging from a period of uncertainty to discover they will have to cede more primary spectrum to mobile broadband operators, but are being offered some concessions over reallocation.