FETV And FMC Launched On NextGen Service Evoca TV

LPTV Broadcaster/Streamer Evoca TV Wants To Go High Power

Evoca TV, which is using the ATSC 3.0 transmission standard to broadcast its all-IP OTT pay TV service in smaller markets using low-power TV’s, is looking to power up through the FCC’s upcoming auction of new TV station construction permits.

Twin Falls Readies For Evoca NextGen TV Launch

Two LPTV stations in the Idaho DMA (189) are poised to launch ATSC 3.0 and make Twin Falls the fourth market to bring Evoca TV, the NextGen TV-based OTA-OTT hybrid pay television service, to viewers. All that’s needed is for the stations, Ventura Broadcasting-owned KVUI and KPIF, to receive final approval from the FCC for their conversion to 3.0. Once the switch is flipped, Twin Falls will become the smallest market on-air with NextGen TV.

Does Sinclair Plan On Taking RSNs Direct-To-Consumer Via ATSC 3.0?

For some reason Sinclair won’t explain, it won’t license its Phoenix Bally Sports channel to NextGen-based pay TV startup Evoca TV.

Evoca TV Adds BYUtv And Outdoor Sportsman Group