Better Local Ratings On The Way, Really

Nielsen has been promising “enhancements” to its local TV ratings for years. While replacing paper diaries has been elusive, there may be a solution soon.

Channel In A Box Comes Of Age

The once blue-sky tech that replaces a host of master control gear with a single unit is gathering more fans and deals are expected at the NAB Show.

NAB: Protecting a $30M Cash Engine

Following tough hits from the recession, NAB faces new challenges to its biggest revenue source.

Bridging The Gap Between Art And Tech

Although best known for her work in setting global tech standards, Warner Bros.’s Wendy Aylsworth is also a leader in communicating technology’s issues to Hollywood’s creative side.

Is Small Business Big Enough For TV?

TV stations are trying to figure out whether — and how — to capitalize on the $390 billion digital marketing services market. For depending on your point of view, DMS represent either the next unconquered frontier of local advertising, or a sector that requires a whole lot of work for not much revenue.  


12 Auction Facts That You Need To Know

1. The auction is voluntary — really. The FCC wants to clear up to 120 MHz of TV spectrum — or 20 TV channels in the upper UHF band— so […]

Multiplatform Workflow Lets Young Get News Out Faster

The broadcaster has developed a server-based platform where everyone from field reporters to the evening anchor can access, edit and publish a story to any platform.