Networks Want Expanded Ratings Universe

Top executives at large media companies routinely indicate to investors that a big chunk of their programming is taking place off the traditional TV set and not counted by Nielsen. The implication being: buy shares now because once that’s measured and advertisers pay fairly for it, watch out.

Digital Ratings Should Give TV Modest Lift

Nielsen’s Extended Screen ratings — which will include TV viewing on digital platforms — won’t make a big impact initially when the first of its numbers are released in a few weeks. Digital video viewing data of TV episodes will only mean a 1% to 2% lift over ratings of traditional TV shows, estimates Jack Wakshlag, chief research officer of Turner Broadcasting.

Nielsen Unveils ‘Extended Screen’ Ratings

Nielsen Wednesday began offering clients a sneak preview of its so-called “extended screen” ratings, which will add online audience estimates to the ratings of TV shows that are also distributed over the Internet. Nielsen said the previews would begin the week of Jan. 3, and said the data would “broadly demonstrate the impact of online viewing” on TV programming.