Chris Myers To Executive Produce ‘Eye Opener’

Tribune Broadcasting’s Eye Opener morning news show has named Chris Myers executive producer. Myers, who joined Tribune Broadcasting this week, has been manager of digital creative content for ABC Television Group, an assistant news director at WFLD Chicago and has held executive management positions at Radar Online, and Entertainment Tonight.  Myers, the recipient of multiple Emmy, Golden […]

‘Eye Opener’ Boosting ‘CBS This Morning’

Every morning Charlie Rose introduces the rapid-fire video montage that opens CBS This Morning with the words, “Your world in 90 seconds.” Using news video and sound bites from CBS and other sources, including a sprinkling of one-liners from late-night comics, the Eye Opener has become CTM‘s visual trademark. To boost its viral cachet, CBS is making the segment available in an email newsletter.

Tribune Names Host Of Syndicated ‘Eye Opener’


Tribune Stations Mix It Up In The Morning

Five of the group’s outlets are testing Eye Opener, a news-entertainment hybrid aimed at offering viewers an alternative to the usual morning fare. It’s a mix of pre-produced pieces that the stations intercut with their own live, local material. Tribune hopes it eventually will be able to sell the concept to non-Tribune stations.


WPHL Philadelphia Debuts New A.M. Show

DMA 10

KIAH Gets Early Morning ‘Eye Opener’

Tribune’s Houston CW affiliate plans to launch a morning show Monday that will serve as a bookend to the unconventional newsreel-style 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. newscasts it introduced in March. Described as a provocative and unpredictable information and entertainment show, Eye Opener will combine local news, traffic and weather reports from Houston-based Mia Gradney with other content originating from Tribune’s Chicago headquarters.