Beto O’Rourke Lobs F-Bomb On Live TV

Thanking his campaign supporters for their spirited challenge to Sen. Ted Cruz, he said on live television Tuesday: “All of you, showing the country how you do this. I’m so f—ing proud of you guys.”

Sam Rockwell Drops F-Bomb During ‘SNL’


WINK Meteorologist Drops ‘F’ Bomb, Apologizes

Reporter Quits On Air, Complete With F-Bomb

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A reporter for an Alaska TV station revealed on the air that she owns a medical marijuana business and was quitting her job to advocate for the drug. After reporting on the Alaska Cannabis Club on Sunday night’s broadcast, KTVA’s Charlo Greene identified herself as the business’s owner and said she […]

Elaine Stritch Drops F-Bomb On ‘Today’


KSN Anchor Justin Kraemer Fired After F-Bomb

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WDIV Detroit Reporter Drops Live F-Bomb

Fox Sports 1 Apologizes For Bradshaw F-Bomb

During a commercial break Friday on the network, Bradshaw was walking beside Jimmie Johnson and dropped an F-bomb expletive into a remark. The network, which launched as an ESPN competitor in August, swiftly issued an apology for airing the comment.

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KHQ Spokane Reporter Drops Double F-Bomb

Spokane Fox affiliate KHQ says an “editing error” is to blame for the profanity in a report from Lindsay Nadrich from a local strawberry festival.



Anchor Drops F-Bomb In Debut, Gets Fired

The first rule in TV newscasts — don’t curse when you’re in front of the camera. You never know when your microphone might be open. You never know when you might become the next YouTube sensation, the way A.J. Clemente did Sunday. Clemente was leading off his first newscast as the weekend anchor at KFYR, the NBC affiliate in Bismarck, N.D., when he let loose.

FCC Chief OK With David Ortiz’s F-Bomb

When the Boston Red Sox returned to Fenway Park Saturday for its first game since the bombing of the city’s marathon, designated hitter David Ortiz gave a brief but rousing speech punctuated by “This is our f—ing city, and nobody’s going to dictate our freedom!” But Ortiz’s F-bomb isn’t going to land him in hot water with the FCC, with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski tweeting his blessing from the government agency’s official Twitter account.

CBS’s Franks: Little Flacco F-Bomb Backlash

There has been no outcry against CBS from viewers angry with the network’s unintentional airing of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco swearing while celebrating the team’s Super Bowl win, according to Martin Franks, CBS’s EVP of planning, policy and government affairs.

Super Bowl F-Bomb May Draw Flag

Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco fired a few bombs to win against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, but by dropping the F-bomb on national TV during the Baltimore Ravens’ post-game celebration, he opened CBS up to a complaint at the FCC. The Parents Television Council, which fights indecent speech on the airwaves, asked the commission to investigate CBS for its failure to bleep out the offensive word.

‘SNL’: Samuel L. Jackson Denies Live F-Word, But…

Aerosmith’s Tyler Drops F-Bomb On ‘Today’

Steven Tyler and the guys from Aerosmith don’t normally do morning shows, as they joked to Matt Lauer on Today on Friday morning. And with good reason, as Tyler soon demonstrated when he dropped an F-bomb while Al Roker was doing the weather.

Tom Hanks Drops F-Bomb On ‘GMA’

Tom Hanks inadvertently said a very bad word during an interview Friday morning on Good Morning America. He quickly apologized.


Public Support Saves WSAV’s Allred From F-Bomb


KBOI Producer Drops 2 F-Bombs In Morning News

MSNBC Airs Multiple F-Bombs In Anthony Coverage

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WDBJ Roanoke Anchor Flubs, Drops F-Bomb

The Creeping Of TV Bleeping

The art of the deleted expletive has gone mainstream, with even such primetime fare as American Idol joining a trend toward slyly censored cursing. What the [bleep] are the networks thinking?

Robert Pattinson Drops F-Bomb In ‘MTV Awards’