WLOS Reporter Accidentally Turns On Facebook Live Filters During Live Shot


Accidentally An Internet Sensation At WBTV

It was a happy accident, and it made WBTV feature reporter Kristen Hampton a Facebook sensation.


Hurricane Blew Through WMBB’s Disaster Plan

Keeping a station on the air during a disaster means crafting and rehearsing a plan that’s often based on previous experiences. As Nexstar’s ABC affiliate in Panama City, Fla., learned from October’s Hurricane Michael, sometimes the unforeseen still happens. After the WMBB building lost power, the news team set up in the station’s parking lot for newscasts.


Aiding A Community With Facebook Innovation

An Alabama meteorologist used Facebook Live and satellite imagery to pinpoint weather information for viewers affected by Hurricane Michael. Because of his creative efforts to serve the viewers during a difficult time, Josh Johnson of WSFA has won the Social Media Excellence Awards’ top distinction — the Innovator Award.


WDAF Facebook Live Drives Half Million Likes

WDAF Kansas City wanted to thank its 500,000 Facebook fans with a special day of celebration. Problem was, as the day approached, it didn’t have a half million followers. The solution was a 24-hour Facebook Live marathon. “I don’t know that it’s been done before, but to go 24 hours straight on Facebook Live was quite the feat,” said Danielle Ray, WDAF’s creative services director.


UPDATE: KOAA’s Town Hall On School Safety

Facebook Live Participation Plummets

The number of Facebook Live videos produced by paid partners more than halved by the end of 2017 — and in one case fell by as much as 94% — as once guaranteed payments ended and Facebook deprioritized the product.

Dish-Univision Legal Battle Heats Up

The satellite operator is suing Univision in federal court, alleging that it distributed Mexican soccer games via Facebook in violation of their carriage agreement. Last month, Univision moved to dismiss the suit. Dish responded on Friday, contending that nothing in the agreement permits Univision to repackage programming and “then allowing that content to be given away for free.”


KLRT Examines Crime In Most Dangerous City


Tech, Ingenuity Help Stations Weather Harvey

The effort of covering the historic storm fully tested Houston stations’ technological and logistical prowess and planning, while straining their human resources. With power and cable outages prevalent, the broadcasters also streamed their coverage continuously over Facebook Live so that folks with a charged smartphone could watch, too. Above, KHOU broadcast news temporarily from the facilities of noncommercial KUHT.


WFAA’s Outdoor Art Project Inspires Imitators

Dish Sues Univision Over Soccer Streaming

Now we know why Dish has taken Univision to court. It all relates to the Spanish-language programmer’s announcement in February to stream all 46 matches of the Liga MX season via Facebook Live, including the playoffs. Dish filed its lawsuit against Univision earlier this month under seal, but a heavily redacted version of the complaint obtained by Cablefax shows that Dish believes its affiliate agreement with Univision expressly prohibits the programmer from “allowing linear services to be distributed for free via the Internet or a wireless cellular provider.”

Facebook Live Adds 4K For 360-Degree Video

Inside CNN International’s Facebook Live Show

TV Land’s ‘Younger’ To Get Digital After-Show

Media Companies Getting Sick Of Facebook

News outlets are complaining about Facebook’s terms for TV-quality videos meant to compete with YouTube.

How Super Deluxe Is Shaping TV’s Future

Turner is building a 21st century media company, Super Deluxe, in downtown Los Angeles to “future-proof” TV. Super Deluxe, which launched early last year, is testing different forms of storytelling to engage young viewers. It has sought out unconventional characters to develop scripted programs for television, screwball contests for the Internet, political spoofs and other videos for Facebook Live, the platform that enables users to share live videos with their friends.

NPR Creates A Guide To Facebook Live

Since it jumped into Facebook Live, NPR has created more than 1,375 videos. It has broadcast from 23 states and 19 countries. And it’s learned a few things along the way that you might find helpful.


Teen Race Driver To Livestream To FaceBook Live


Challenge: Monetizing Facebook Live

Just over a year ago, Facebook introduced its video streaming service Facebook Live and invited one and all to give it a try. Many broadcasters have accepted the invitation and are using it effectively for breaking news and interactive shows. It brings new dimensions to local TV news, but so far no meaningful additional revenue.


UPDATE: WTAE Heroin Special Wins Time Period

Facebook Live Struggles To Prevent Violence

Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that live video is the future of Facebook, but what if that future is terrifying and full of violence? What happens when one of the largest proponents of live video struggles to manage its darker side? With live video charging ahead, how can Facebook identify and stop those who would abuse its streaming service?


At Scripps, News Breaks On Facebook Live

Facebook Live has become the preferred platform for video-centric breaking news at Scripps despite some newsroom pushback and concerns about limits on editorial control and the ability to make money from the streams. Above, a story from WFTX Ft. Myers-Naples, Fla., that aired in January.

Fey, Baldwin, Hanks Headline ACLU Telethon

Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are teaming up for a star-filled fundraiser for the American Civil Liberties Union that will stream on Facebook Live on March 31.

10 Tips: Optimize Impact On Facebook Live

TV newsrooms across the U.S. weigh in with their emerging best practices for winning audience engagement on Facebook Live. Those range from letting audiences decide how to follow up on a story to building an API connection between a newsroom’s digital content management platform and Facebook Live. Pictured is [email protected] WHAM, an example of how news organizations are using digital-only shows to stand out. 


WJLA Slots Facebook Live LGBT Roundtable

Tonight’s interactive forum to highlight critical issues facing the area’s local LGBTQ community. It’s scheduled just prior to ABC’s When We Rise miniseries.

Is Your Newsroom Ready for Live Streaming’s Rise?

Live-streaming services like Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram Live have turned citizens with smartphones and Wi-Fi into broadcasters. News organizations that can rapidly navigate the vast number of user generated content streams emanating from breaking news events will be able to deploy crews more efficiently and get news to their audiences more quickly.

Univision Deportes To Air Soccer In English Via Facebook Live

Univision will bring the live stream for select matches from Univision Deportes’ portfolio of Mexican soccer league Liga MX to English-language fans via Facebook Live this season. Kicking off Saturday, Feb. 18, and continuing throughout 2017, fans can stream Liga MX matches in the U.S., in real-time on the Univision Deportes Facebook Page and via Facebook’s Video […]

Why Facebook Keeps Pushing Live Video

Facebook is furiously promoting its live video feature as it tries to get more users to shoot and watch such videos. But will it be a big business for the social network? The prospects for advertisers are uncertain


Facebook Shifts To Longer Video Focus

Facebook is moving its video emphasis from live to long as it begins to reward video producers who make longer content, Peter Kafka reports. The platform is tweaking its algorithm to emphasize lengthier videos as long as viewers watch them completely. The endgame is to take eyeballs away from television.


Can TV Stations Live With Facebook Live?

The pressure on broadcasters to post their content on Facebook Live is growing and stations are weighing the pros and cons of ceding control over their content to a powerful — and growing — third party.

Three Facebook Dynamics Broadcasters Should Watch

Facebook Live — In February 2016, Facebook began courting news organizations to upload native video, telling them that the newsfeed algorithm would favor it and the monetization opportunities would offset some losses on their own websites. Facebook even bought TV, billboard and bus advertising underlining CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s promise that it was a video-first company. […]

Facebook Is Moving Video Goalposts

Reports are that Facebook is eliminating its publisher subsidies to produce live video and emphasizing instead that publishers produce longer, more premium video content. Mathew Ingram says it poses a significant problem: “Just when publishers get used to producing one kind of content in order to gain the favor of Facebook’s news-feed algorithm — whether it’s video or articles, or both — the company tweaks its code and media companies see their traffic disappear almost overnight.”

Facebook Ending Live Video Payments

After spending $50 million last year to sweeten the pot for some publishers to begin producing live video on the platform, Facebook appears to be putting its wallet away. Numerous publishers have said it’s now de-emphasizing live video in its conversations with them, and none expect the paid deals to continue. Instead, Facebook is pushing publishers to produce longer, premium video content instead.

Facebook Morphing Into TV Network

At the same time that it’s taking steps to combat the spread of fake news and bogus content, Facebook has revealed that it is in talks with TV studios to create programming for the massive social network. The admission is surprising given that Facebook has repeatedly argued that it is not a media company. Except now it is.


How Local TV Should Deal With Facebook

The consensus of the panelists at a NewsTECH Forum session is that Facebook’s impact in the local media marketplaces today represents both a threat and an opportunity. They urged local broadcasters to get involved in Facebook because they can’t afford not to. But stations need to develop strategies that let them manage the amount and quality of content they post on Facebook, while also keeping in mind the integrity of their own platforms, which is, after all, the place where station content gets monetized.


WROC’s 14-Hour Facebook Live Goes Global

A 110 year-old grave in a cemetery in Rochester, N.Y., became the unlikely setting for an internet sensation this past Election Day. Before it was over, millions of people from all around the world would be watching, hundreds of news outlets would be writing about it, and John Kucko, a digital reporter for WROC Rochester, N.Y., would have a career highlight.


Is There A Facebook Dependency Problem?

Broadcasters have become increasingly reliant on its referral traffic, and Facebook’s platform is gobbling up more and more of broadcasters’ resources and original content. A panel discussion on Dec. 12 at NewsTECHForum will also mine how they’re negotiating Facebook Live and monetizing on the platform, featuring input from Tegna, CBS Local Digital Media, News Press & Gazette and more. 


Turning Facebook Users Into TV News Watchers

How To Make Money From Facebook Live

Business Insider and News UK are among a handful of publishers starting to earn some actual revenue — rather than merely audience — from Facebook Live. They’re using branded content (recently sanctioned by the platform) and more traditional sponsorships around content (e.g., the Cannes Lions Festival). But there are caveats, even for aggressive first movers, including the fact that advertisers need to be on board with the unpolished quality of the platform.