Facebook’s News Feed Ads To Shrink

Ingram: Facebook Kills, Funds Local Journalism

Mathew Ingram takes a jaded look at Facebook’s largesse toward struggling local media outlets via its latest Facebook Journalism Project Community Network grants. It’s “a giant, thorny conflict of interest with a check attached,” he writes.

Congress Grills Big Tech On Competition, Money

A Tuesday afternoon panel of the House Judiciary Committee focused on whether it’s time for Congress to rein in these companies, which are among the largest on Earth by several measures. Central to that case is whether their business practices run afoul of century-old laws originally designed to combat railroad and oil monopolies.

Lawmakers Blast FTC’s $5B Facebook Settlement

“We are concerned that the FTC has failed to impose strict structural reforms and managerial accountability that would put an end to Facebook’s privacy invasions,” Sens. Ed Markey, Richard Blumenthal and Josh Hawley write.

Tech Titans Testify At House Hearing

The House Antitrust Subcommittee is holding the second of its two Big Tech hearings this week, hearing from the FAAG in FAANG, lacking only Netflix among the witness list and definitely meeting the criteria for the hearing’s title.

FTC Fine Doesn’t Spell Closure For Facebook

While a $5 billion fine from the FTC, which Facebook has been expecting, is by far the largest the agency has levied on a technology company, the real worries for Facebook — and its investors and the companies that use it to advertise on its service — are the other restrictions and government oversight that might come with it.

Lessons For Newsrooms From Big Tech

There’s a lot that newsrooms could and should learn from what’s made platform and technology companies successful, sometimes at the direct expense of legacy news business models. Here are seven top takeaways.

Big Tech Execs Due On Capitol Hill Next Week

Executives from Amazon.com, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet’s Google will testify before a House of Representatives congressional committee next week in a hearing to discuss the tremendous market power wielded by online platforms.

Facebook Offers Content Creators Ad Breaks

Facebook says the most suitable ad break formats will be automatically chosen based on the user and type of video content viewed.

Facebook Mail Site Evacuated After Possible Sarin Scare

A Facebook mail facility near company headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area was evacuated Monday after a routine check found mail possibly containing the nerve agent sarin. Authorities put the site under quarantine as they conducted additional testing. Four buildings were evacuated and three have been cleared for people to come back in, Facebook […]