New Season In Jeopardy Amid Shutdown

Studios, guilds and trade groups are huddling to find ways to ease a near-complete production shutdown, among the nationwide efforts to curb the pandemic. While streaming services parcel out series year-round, broadcast TV still relies heavily on a September filled with fanfare and high-profile scripted shows.

How 2020’s Fall TV Season Is Shaping Up

Aiming to stand out in a crowded field, broadcasters this season have leaned on the stability of their schedules and the return of established hits. But for many of the same reasons, they’ve also begun to seed the ground for next year’s crop of shows, considering that top performers like How to Get Away With Murder, Empire and Supernatural are on the way out.

Survey: ABC Is Most-Improved Net This Fall

It’s seen the most traction for its new shows, with three seeing full-season orders and bettering their timeslots. The network most in need of an overhaul: Fox.

Despite Strong Shows, Fall Lacks Breakout Hit

One month into the fall TV season, you have to wonder, where’s the breakout show? What’s the new “Empire” for everyone to obsess over? Turns out viewers are still buzzing about the “old” Empire, which in its second season continues to deliver juicy twists and ratings. The new season hasn’t been a bust — precisely — but there haven’t been any breakout hits, either.

10 P.M. Is New Season’s Hot Time Slot

Just a few seasons ago, the 10 p.m. timeslot was being written off as a dead zone, as viewers turned to their DVRs to catch up on programming during the hour. Now it’s the savior of the fall season: The only three breakout shows in an otherwise lackluster slate all air in the late hour: NBC’s Blindspot, CBS’s Limitless and ABC’s Quantico, with each show improving the time period for its respective network.

It’s September’s New Season Scramble

With the fall TV season about to start, broadcast networks are getting their houses in order — and taking out the trash. The nets ax shows and producers in a series of 11th hour fall fixes.

Harvesting Broadcast’s Crop Of Fall Shows

As the five major broadcast networks usher in their new fall 2015 offerings against the scores of rival broadcast, cable and streaming video outlets, some things never change.

TV Rerun Relief Will Be Here Soon

Summer broadcast network programming is a mishmash of short-run original programs, reality competitions and reruns. If none of these types of programs have kept your interest, help is on the way. The 2015-16 network TV season kicks of Sept. 11 with new episodes of 20/20. Here’s a look at the when you can expect to see new programs on the five major networks.

Broadcast Nets Hopeful About Fall Ratings

Four weeks into the new fall season — and a slow rollout of new shows — there are encouraging signs for the major broadcast networks. Each has some sign of success in a hit-starved climate with more competition than ever.


Viewers Show Up For Big Bcst. Premieres

One week into the 2014-15 television season, according to Nielsen’s official game clock, the biggest headline for the broadcast nets is that they’ve been able to generate solid sampling for high-priority new shows such as Fox’s Gotham, CBS’s Scorpion, NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura and ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. The fact that people showed up for the big premieres (so far) is a relief for the Big Four nets, even as execs take decisive steps this year to adjust to the new realities of programming in the on-demand era.

New TV Season Raises Red Flags For Fox

The network had another night of poor ratings on Wednesday, a discouraging sign especially for its new, well-reviewed drama, The Red Band Society.


Poll: CBS Will Lead On Thursdays

With Thursday Night Football, CBS will dominate Thursday nights during the first month of the fall season. And when football is over, top sitcom The Big Bang Theory will give CBS an edge. That’s according to a recent Media Life poll on the new TV season, which started Monday, asking readers to weigh in on the strengths and weaknesses of every network across every night.

Fall’s Best & Worst New Primetime Shows

It’s here. The fall TV season officially gets underway tonight with ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC starting to roll out hot, new and returning primetime sitcoms, dramas and reality shows. And, as tradition has it, the networks are debuting several really good new shows that will live on for years to come with dozens of episodes seen by tens of millions of people around the world. It’ll be great. Except, also as tradition has it, for every one or two pretty good shows there are several cold-to-the-touch clunkers. Check them all out.

Fall TV Season Has Buzz, But It’s Softer

Although cable and online television are making inroads on the network television season system, it remains intact, driven by economic factors and the struggle to determine what shows are strongest.


For NBC, Another Winning Season

Boosted by the NFL, the network will jump to a comfortable lead, despite falloff for its signature reality franchise, The Voice. At the same time, Blacklist is poised for a breakout year.


For Fox, Some Rougher Times Ahead

This year the network doesn’t have the Super Bowl to cover up for its many trouble spots. Ratings for returning shows have declined and newcomer Utopia is already struggling.


For CBS, Football And A Better Year

Though CBS finished third among the Big Four last year among adults 18-49, it is still considered the most consistent of the broadcast networks. It is competitive nearly every night of the week. The addition of Thursday NFL games will give the network a huge boost. That combined with a steady schedule and promising new shows will lift it to second place.


For ABC, A Season Of Improvements

Though it won’t compete for first, it will be more competitive than last season. ABC had momentum to end the spring and made several promising lineup changes.

Nets Talk Ratings In Advance Of New Season

Putting aside their intense competition, top executives from Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC took the highly unusual step of gathering together to discuss the effect new technologies are having on television ratings. At a gathering held on the Fox lot Monday, the four networks teamed up to discuss the challenges of determining success and failure when more people are watching on platforms other than live television including online and video on demand.