Buyers: Fall’s 5 Most Promising New Shows

These programs have the strongest buzz, the best pilots and the most favorable timeslots. Media people’s top choice by far: ABC’s Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland.

Five Big Questions For The Fall TV Season

How high will DVR viewership spike? Will NBC’s fall success last? Can Fox rebound? Will aging shows hold up? And will there be any hits?

Fall TV Forecast: CBS Looks Strong, Again

CBS should have at least modest hits in Two Broke Girls and Person of Interest. We have high hopes for its comedy How to Be a Gentleman. The network even has a strong Friday show in A Gifted Man. Only Unforgettable looks, you guessed it, forgettable. But it will probably do fine because of CBS viewers’ enduring, baffling fixation on procedurals.