FCC Proposes Next Regulatory Fees

Each year, the FCC is required by Congress to collect regulatory fees to cover the costs of its operations. Before requiring the payment of the fees (which is usually done in September, just before the Oct. 1 start of a new fiscal year for the government), the FCC must ask for comments on its proposed allocation of the fees among all those that it regulates. That notice, asking for comments on a few proposed changes, including a few changes for broadcasters, was released yesterday. Comments are due June 22 and replies on July 7.

FCC Proposes Raising TV Station Fees

In the fee schedule released for fiscal 2016, the commission seeks to increase top 10 market TV station payments from about $47,000 to almost $61,000. 



FCC Sets 2015 Regulatory Fees, Deadlines

Fire up your computer, free up some space on your credit cards and get your FRN information ready — you’ve got until Sept. 24 to get your reg fees paid … but don’t count on paying between 6 p.m., Sept. 2 and 8 a.m., Sept. 8.


FCC Adopts Proposed FY ’13 Regulatory Fees

The FCC has released a Report and Order that includes its final determinations as to how much each FCC licensee will have to pay in annual regulatory fees for fiscal 2013, and in some cases how the FCC will calculate the fees beginning in FY 2014. Here’s the rundown.


FCC Proposes FY ’12 Annual Regulatory Fees

The FCC has issued its latest annual Notice of Proposed Rulemaking containing regulatory fee proposals for fiscal year 2012. Those who wish to file comments on the proposed fees must do so by May 31, with reply comments due by June 7. The FCC’s NPRM includes an interesting twist. Citing the “rapid transformation” of the communications industry, the FCC indicates that it plans to re-examine its regulatory fee program which has remained largely the same since the program was first introduced in 1994.