Reminder: Nov. 29 Deadline For FCC Filing To Protect 12.7-13.25 GHz Broadcast Auxiliary/Cable Relay Licenses

March Regulatory Dates For Broadcasters

March may not have any of the regular FCC filing deadlines, but there are still plenty of regulatory activities going on this month that should grab the attention of any broadcast or media company. Initially, there are several FCC proceedings in which there are dates in March worth noting.

A Look At The New Year With 2020 Accuracy

With  TV license renewals starting soon, the TV repack chugging along and a whole new set of deadlines for kidvid launching this year, there are a lot of 2020 deadlines that broadcasters must track and meet.


Upcoming FCC Broadcast, Telecom Deadlines

Here’s what to expect from the commission in November through January.


August Regulatory Dates For Broadcasters

Once upon a time, August was a quiet month in Washington, when everyone went on vacation. Sure, there are plenty of vacations that will happen this coming month, but it seems that regulatory activity no longer takes a break.


Upcoming FCC Broadcast/Telecom Deadlines

Here’s a list of some of the upcoming FCC-related broadcast and telecom deadlines for July through September.


FCC Deadlines For February-April

Here’s a list of deadlines* facing broadcasters and telecommunications providers during the upcoming months of February, March, and April. If you noted the asterisk, it’s because the government shutdown may affect many of these deadlines, either because the relevant online filing system or the required information is not accessible. If that is the case, the deadline is likely to be moved to the first full day after the FCC reopens. However, you should not assume anything — and in any event should be prepared to make required filings on a moment’s notice.

FCC’s Fall Broadcasting, Telecom Deadlines