FCC Warns About Using Radio Services To Coordinate Illegal Activity

Citing discussions on social media media of using alternatives to social media platforms for “coordinating future activities,” the FCC Sunday (Jan. 17) warned about using any of those communications alternatives to commit or facilitate any criminal acts. The warning came from the Enforcement Bureau in advance of Wednesday’s Inauguration of Joe Biden as president and chatter about violence nationwide by Trump supporters.

FCC Appoints Axel Rodriguez Enforcement Bureau Field Director

FCC Enforcement Bureau Names New Chief Of Staff

FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Travis LeBlanc on Tuesday announced his intent to name Lisa Gelb as deputy chief and chief of staff of the Enforcement Bureau. In her role as […]

NAB 2015

FCC’s Sheriff Explains His Modus Operandi

“I come with a bit of a different approach. I think about prevention, and not just enforcement,” says FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Travis LeBlanc. He argues that his approach should be better for the industry. “We’re moving faster, we’re not holding up renewals — there’s certainty. It’s a much better world than it was a few years ago.”