FCC Sets New Application Fee Schedule

The normally noncontroversial biennial action is spiced up this year by a partial dissent from Commissioner O’Rielly.


FCC Announces Higher Application Fees

If you’re planning on filing any FCC applications in the near future, you can save yourself a few bucks by getting them on file sooner rather than later. That’s because the FCC’s schedule of application fees has just been given its semi-regular overhaul, resulting in an across-the-board uptick of about 8%.

FCC Raises UHF Station Fees For FY2011

The FCC has released a Report and Order which includes its final determinations as to how much each broadcast licensee will have to pay in annual regulatory fees for fiscal 2011. Commercial UHF station fees again increased across the board from FY2010. Commercial VHF fees for those stations outside the top 25 markets decreased across the board. In addition, satellite stations and LPTV, Class A TV, TV translator, TV booster, FM translator and FM booster stations all had their fee amounts reduced from their FY2010 levels.