FCC Online Public Inspection File Demos Set

The FCC will hold two public online “screensharing” sessions that will “provide high-resolution views of the application screens” for the commission’s new online public inspection file posting requirement. The sessions will occur at 9 a.m. today and 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Those interested in viewing the demonstrations must visit the FCC’s site in advance and join the teleconference prior to its scheduled start time.


Online Public File Rule Moves Forward

It looks like, barring some unanticipated last-minute development, the FCC’s online public file rule for TV stations will take effect on Aug. 2. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has denied the NAB’s effort to get that effective date stayed.


FCC Wants Copies Of Entire Public Files

In a move presumably connected with the FCC’s proceeding to require TV stations to place their public inspection files online, FCC inspectors have appeared at stations in several markets and demanded that the stations provide them with a complete copy of their entire public inspection files within 48 hours or less. Given that most public files are measured in yards, not feet, of paper, there are a lot of broadcast employees burning the midnight oil trying to comply.

TV Execs Visit FCC Over Public Interest Rules

Executives from News Corp., NBCUniversal, the Walt Disney Co. and the National Association of Broadcasters met with officials at the FCC on Monday to express their displeasure at proposed public interest rules that would force TV networks to share details online about political advertising, including the rates that political campaigns pay for ad time.


FCC Wants Comments On Public File Rule

Here’s a surprise! The FCC has invited comments on whether or not the local public inspection file requirement is really necessary. Since the commission has assiduously ignored — for more than five years — a petition for rulemaking seeking the abolition of those requirements, this invitation should puzzle some and thrill others.