FCC Set To Dig Into Video Competition, OTT

Initial comments were due Tuesday for the FCC’s 19th Video Competition Report, which is traditionally a vehicle to make arguments for retrans consent reform and to highlight the increasing competition traditional pay TV faces from new online entrants. Unlike previous reports that were presented as mere data, there’s hope that the newest edition will draw some real conclusions.

Pai, O’Reilly Fume Over Competition Report

The FCC’s Republican commissioners release a terse statement, lashing out at a decision to not include their input in the agency’s latest Video Competition Report. “Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by this move to sneak out the door on a Friday afternoon 117 pages of rationalizations for the commission’s various ill-advised attempts to micromanage a market that is objectively more vibrant and competitive than at any time in history.”

Cable Subs Down As Satellite, Telecoms Up

The FCC released a few details of its upcoming report on the state of video competition, which shows that the cable industry continues to lose subscribers to other pay-TV distributors including satellite broadcasters. From the end of 2010 to June last year, the number of pay TV subscribers increased slightly to 101 million from 100.8 million, less than a percentage point. However, cable’s share of subscribers fell to 55.7% from 59.3% at the end of 2011.

NCTA: Carriage, Access, Rate Regs Should Go

The cable group’s supplementary filing reguarding the FCC’s video competition report says that 1992 Cable Act regulations are no longer necessary.