Feds Weighing Relaxed Rules For Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration is moving toward loosening its rules for non-military drones after facing withering criticism from companies that hope to use the technology to make deliveries. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said Wednesday that the agency is launching a “Pathfinder Program” that will test the possibility of allowing drones to fly beyond the line of vision of their operators.

Police Targeted Media With No-Fly Zone

On Aug. 12, amid demonstrations following the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Federal Aviation Administration managers struggled to redefine an earlier flight ban so police helicopters and commercial flights at nearby Lambert-St. Louis International Airport could fly through the area — but not others.


Drone Use By WFSB Employee Under Investigation

FAA: Drone Recording By Journos Is Illegal

Hobbyists are allowed to use small, radio-controlled crafts under specific guidelines, but “if you’re using it for any sort of commercial purposes, including journalism, that’s not allowed,” says a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman.