FEC Wants To Change TV Political Disclosures

The Federal Election Commission has its own rules for political advertising that are binding on the candidates, rather than on the stations. But because these ads run on broadcast stations, stations need to pay attention to them to avoid getting caught up in arguments about whether candidate ads are legal, and because the FEC rules often get adopted by the FCC. For these reasons, broadcasters need to pay attention to an entry in today’s Federal Register, where the FEC gives notice of its receipt of a Petition for Rulemaking proposing changes to the textual disclosures made in TV political ads.

Court Rules Against FEC In Ad Case

A U.S. District Court judge ruled Monday that the country’s top election watchdog misinterpreted campaign finance law when it dismissed a progressive group’s complaints against two conservative organizations.

FEC Considered Punishing FNC For ‘Happy Hour’ Debate

Less Just Became More For Super PACs

The Federal Election Commission has quietly given the green light to federal candidates who want to solicit contributions for super PACs by meeting in small groups — so small that there can be just two other people in the room. In addition, the little-noticed advisory opinion gives permission to a candidate’s campaign consultant and other aides to solicit large donations for a super PAC, as long as they make clear that they are not making the request at the direction of the candidate.

Colbert’s Super PAC Has Raised Over $1M

The comedian disclosed today that his Americans for a Better Tomorrow “super” political action committee has raised a staggering $1.02 million. PACs were required to submit their financial reports to the Federal Election Commission today. In a letter to the commission, Colbert was quoted as saying, “How you like me now, FEC?”

Colbert Gets Conditional OK On Campaign Finance

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Election Commission said Thursday that comedian Stephen Colbert can use his TV show’s resources to boost his political action committee, but he must disclose some major expenses as in-kind contributions from the show’s corporate owners. Colbert played it straight during his appearance before the commission, letting his attorney do most […]

Comedy Central’s Colbert Has Questions For FEC

WASHINGTON (AP) — Comedy Central’s tongue-in-check commentator Stephen Colbert is expected to raise serious questions at next week’s meeting of the Federal Election Commission. “The Colbert Report” star is launching a political action committee, Colbert Super Pac, which will allow him to raise unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions and individuals so he can […]