Judge Upholds His Block On NYT Coverage Of Project Veritas

The New York State judge also ordered The Times to turn over physical copies and destroy any electronic versions of documents a lawyer prepared for the conservative group.

Judge Blocks Florida Law Regulating Social Media Companies

It would fine companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter if they permanently bar candidates for office in the state.

Supreme Court To Intervene In Digital Billboards Battle

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed this week to consider whether a Texas city’s restrictions on digital billboards runs afoul of the First Amendment. Like most Texas cities, Austin only allows digital billboard ads on the advertisers’ premises. The city has said the regulations aim to preserve the local landscape, and further road safety by limiting distractions. Austin doesn’t impose similar restrictions on non-digital billboards.

Know Your Rights When Filming Law Enforcement

Protecting Your Rights As Press, Starting Locally

Journalists may find themselves at odds with their state governments when it comes to First Amendment rights for the press. At “Stop Your State Legislature from Stifling Your Press Freedom” at Excellence in Journalism 2018, panel members David Reymann, Joel Campbell, Scott Sternberg, and moderator Sheryl Worsely discussed what actions journalists can take to protect their reporting rights. Each shared their own experience successfully dealing with legislation that limited journalistic freedom.

Press Groups Blast NRA Over Journo Threat

A trade group that represents The New York Times, the Associated Press and other major publishers is calling out the NRA, accusing the gun rights group of crossing a line and threatening journalists.