Comcast ‘Extremely’ Focused On Licensing Streaming Platform To U.S. Operators: CEO

As Comcast prepares to leverage its Flex system in a streaming platform joint venture with Charter, the cable giant is “extremely focused” on growing the base of U.S. operators who it licenses to, Comcast Cable CEO Dave Watson said Wednesday.

Could Flex Be Comcast’s Secret Weapon In Cord-Cutting Era?

Comcast’s Flex service, initially derided by some critics as a puzzling product without a clear market, is making a big difference in reducing churn on the company’s “center-of-the-plate” offering, Xfinity Broadband, said CFO Mike Cavanaugh Thursday. Xfinity Flex is a streaming device that puts multiple streaming apps in one place on the screen.

Comcast Drops Fee For Streaming Device

Comcast is trying to bolster its Flex streaming TV device by giving it away. Comcast said Wednesday that one box would now be free for its home internet customers. Additional boxes would still cost $5 a month each.

Comcast Debuts Xfinity Flex Streaming Bundle

The new service, “Flex,” available March 26, brings together apps that customers already pay for, like Netflix, Amazon’s video or HBO, and free services like YouTube, Pluto and Tubi, and lets users search for TV shows and movies across the different services.