Only 40% Of Millennials Watch Live TV

Forrester Research finds the greatest difference in the video consumption habits of Gen Xers and Younger Boomers (35 to 58) versus millennials (18 to 34) is when it comes to watching live TV broadcasts. 52% of Gen Xers and Younger Boomers view live TV in a typical month, while only 40% of millennials do the same.

Bold Prediction: Digital Passes TV In 2016

A new forecast from Forrester Research says ad dollars will hit $77.01 billion that year and balloon to $103.4 billion by 2019, leaving television well behind despite its continued growth. Other recent forecasts have predicted online will overtake digital, but they put that date further away.


Mobile Will Push Digital Ads Past TV By 2019

The “when” depends on which research you adhere to, but by nearly all accounts, digital advertising is going to overtake TV in the next five years. Forrester Research today prognosticated that interactive spending will achieve a 12% compound annual growth rate and total $103 billion by 2019. Compared to digital, television will grow at a slower rate and rise to $85.8 billion during the same time, Forrester said.