Broadcasting Pioneer Honored In Pittsburgh

Some 80 broadcasters, politicians and rado buffs gathered last Friday in the close-in Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg to rededicate an historical marker recognizing the work of Frank Conrad in developing commercial radio and to build support for a National Museum of Broadcasting. The marker will be erected near where Conrad’s home and garage/workshop once stood. Among the speakers was local Congressman Mike Doyle (above), who endorsed plans to reconstruct the garage (now disassembled and in storage) as the museum centerpiece. “You have my support in seeing this dream become a reality.”

Ceremony Set To Commemorate Radio First

At 2 p.m. on Oct. 17 — 95 years to the day of Frank Conrad’s historic first radio broadcast of what would become KDKA — a Pennsylvania State Historical Marker will be rededicated in the Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg where Conrad made the broadcast from his garage.