What Do Real Documentary Filmmakers Think Of ‘Documentary Now!’?

Fred Armisen considers Documentary Now! the Weird Al of documentaries. Taking the documentary format and twisting it every-so-slightly, he, Seth Meyers, Bill Hader and Rhys Thomas have created a series that pokes fun at the genre’s conceits. Because the interpretations differ wildly, the team could be doing a spoof of My Octopus Teacher one week, an homage to Aguirre, Wrath of God the next.

Fred Armisen To Lead Band On Meyers’ ‘Late Night’

NEW YORK (AP) — Seth Meyers says former comedy colleague Fred Armisen will lead the band when he takes over NBC’s “Late Night.” Meyers tweeted Monday that his former “Saturday […]

Fred Armisen Won’t Return to ‘Saturday Night Live’