Belo Totals Campaign Airtime Contribution

The broadcaster says it aired an average of 120 minutes per week of political coverage on each of its 14 news-producing television stations in the six weeks leading up to Election Day and provided free airtime to 135 congressional and gubernatorial candidates across the U.S.


Free Airtime Means Agenda-Free Citizenship

If you were to ask someone to name three words that are most associated with the ideals of the United States of America, there’s probably a 100% chance that one of them will be “freedom”. We live in a world where that word — and concept — are both in danger of losing significance due to it being used to advance a political agenda. It’s for this very reason that our free, over-the-air television station groups such as Dispatch, Hearst, Post-Newsweek and Scripps are donating significant amounts of free airtime to qualified candidates during the election season.

Post-Newsweek Stations Offer Free Airtime

Candidates for the upcoming 2012 elections will be eligible for free airtime and free Web time in the 30 days preceding the general elections.