Let’s Get Real About Kodi And ‘Free TV’

We need to have a serious talk about Kodi. Whether you know it or not, you’ve heard about Kodi — either from friends in real life who love streaming free stuff and telling you about it, or by way of social network pals who promote the boxes that make it possible. Even so, here’s a refresher.

Broadcast TV: There’s A Lot To See For Free

If you haven’t hooked your TV to an antenna lately, you might be surprised to see just how much programming is out there free for the taking. In fact, there are now just about as many channels being broadcast over the air as there are on basic cable. The new broadcast channels cover a wide array of programming from the big four networks to specialty channels focused on movies, classic shows, science fiction, family programs, minority-oriented programming and other themes.


Does Anyone Really Get ‘Free TV’ Anymore?

Paying for “free TV” has never been more confusing. Ninety percent of the country has had its behavior changed forever in this regard. You want TV? You really have to pay for it — any of it. Aereo believes that $12 a month for essentially over-the-air TV channels doesn’t amount to much for consumers, and is thus a decent business.

Rabbit Ears Perk Up For Free HDTV

Some people who are no longer willing or able to pay for TV have turned to the modern equivalent of the classic rabbit-ear antenna.

Survey: Viewers Say Paid TV Beats Free

Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of the big maker of cable set-top boxes, says consumers prefer paid television programming cable, satellite or the Internet to free TV/video services.