Moonlighting Provides Free Access To Freelance, Part-Time Jobs

Moonlighting, an independent worker-focused platform and tools provider, today announced in response to the impact Coronavirus is having on gig, freelance and part-time workforces, its services are now available free of charge until further notice. “We recognize the myriad of challenges independent, freelance and part-time workers are facing as a result of Coronavirus-related closures, cancellations […]

Major TV Nets Sign Freelancer Safety Compact

Several of America’s major television news networks have joined a coalition of news organizations that have signed their names to a set of best practices for protecting freelance journalists who work for them. CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS are now official signatories to “Global Safety Principles and Practices,” a list of safety guidelines that specify, among other things, that news organizations treat freelancers the same way they would full-time staffers in cases of kidnap or injury.