IB: Gannaway’s IB ‘Facts’ Mostly Fiction

Internet Broadcasting VP John Sailer says that Woldnow CEO Gary Gannaway twisted the truth about IB in his Executive Session interview with TVNewsCheck earlier this week. Contrary to Gannaway’s assertions, IB did not outsource its CMS, it has a fully integrated video player and draws far more than 5% of its traffic from national content. Also, he says, Gannaways estimate of IB’s ad impressions is “entirely incorrect.”


At Worldnow, Metrics Big And Getting Bigger

With the leading station CMS and a station-based ad network that claims 91 million unique visitors each month (and six billion ad impressions), Worldnow has arrived. Here, founder and CEO Gary Gannaway discusses the competition, efforts to improve workflow, his belief that digital can drive news ratings, the need for top managers to treat digital like broadcast and Google’s intentions in TV.

Fox Stations Moving To WorldNow Platforms

SmithGannawayWith Fox on board, WorldNow figures it now provides online and mobile platforms to about 40% of the 720 news-producing TV stations in the country. EVP Craig Smith says the company’s recent success stems from a decision four years ago to revamp its technology “from the inside out.” It’s all about workflow, says CEO Gary Gannaway. “Our goal is to make sure that we integrate with all systems.”

WorldNow Brings Meredith Back Into Its Orbit

Four years after leaving WorldNow, Meredith Local Media Group has returned to the company for its online technology and sales support. The two companies signed a four-year contract that covers all 12 Meredith stations and starts in June.