For Broadcasters And Their Vendors, AI And IP Delivery Are Top Of Mind At CES

Organizers expect a larger turnout of attendees and exhibitors to CES in Las Vegas next week, where generative AI, IP delivery and new developments in NextGen TV are likely to draw broadcasters’ focus.

Anchor Gary Shapiro To Retire From KUSA Denver After 40 Years

CTA‘s Gary Shapiro: Confirm Gigi Sohn To FCC

Add Consumer Technology Association President Gary Shapiro to the list of those strongly endorsing Gigi Sohn for the fifth seat on the FCC. In a blog post as CTA kicked off CES 2022 yesterday, Shapiro called Sohn ”a pragmatic problem solver who understands what it takes to make innovation thrive.“

CTA’s Gary Shapiro On In-Person CES 2022: Time To Get Back To Normal

Consumer Technology Association President Gary Shapiro said exhibitors keep signing up for CES 2022, which launches today (Jan. 5), and that he will feel safer there than he does at his local grocery store. That is according to a transcript from Fox Business News of Shapiro’s appearance Tuesday on the network to talk about CES.

CTA Calls For End To Trump Tariff Strategy

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), issued a statement regarding the Trump administration’s 25% tariff on $16 billion of Chinese goods going into effect today, […]

ATSC To Bring Media Trade Chiefs Together

Association chiefs from broadcasting, cable and consumer electronics will be featured in a “Tune In to the Future” panel on May 14 at the 2015 ATSC Broadcast TV Conference in Washington.

Internet TV Delivery Set To Pass OTA TV

A new CEA study documents the continuing shift in consumer viewing habits and rise of Internet delivery. CEA President Gary Shapiro uses the data to argue in favor of turning over broadcast spectrum to wireless providers: “It’s clear that the free, public spectrum given to broadcasters could be put to much better use.”


Thoughts On Boston, Shapiro, A.J., Epithets

I’ve got a lot on my mind this week. The iconic video of the explosions at the Boston Marathon was shot by the Boston Globe, a vivid reminder  that broadcasters are no longer alone in shooting news video on a professional basis. But the best overall TV coverage came not from the TV networks, but from their Boston affiliates. ~~ A speech by CEA’s Gary Shapiro shows that he doesn’t know innovation when he sees it. ~~ The saga of A.J. Clemente is being seen by some as an indictment of the state of small-market TV news. ~~ Kudos to ex-FCC chief Reed Hundt for taking a stand against the racist name of Washington’s NFL team. The city’s TV stations should do the same.

CES 2013

Genachowski Dubbed ‘Spectrum Chairman’

Trouble getting a good wifi connection? Hang in there. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said the agency will open up a new proceeding next month to free up more spectrum for WiFi. The initiative is expected to increase the amount of spectrum available for WiFi by 35% in places like airports and conferences when large numbers of people are accessing mobile networks at the same time.

Shapiro Chides Smith Over Auction Remarks

CEA President Gary Shapiro says NAB CEO Gordon Smith should refrain from his public statements about the FCC’s proposed spectrum auction, calling them “inconsistent with the goals of Congress.”


Shapiro’s Blind Spot: Broadcast TV Innovation

Gary Shapiro, the president of the Consumer Electronics Association, uses his new book, The Comeback, to argue the importance of taking spectrum away for TV broadcasters and giving it to broadband providers. What he totally misses or ignores in his arguments is that broadcasters are moving rapidly to use their spectrum to introduce mobile DTV, a service that, by any definition, is innovative and, given the quality of the programming, more important than many of wireless gimcracks and geegaws shown at CES.

CES 2011

NAB’s Smith Blasts Shapiro Over Spectrum

The broadcasting lobbyist says that Consumer Electronics Association President Gary Shapiro’s opening speech accusing TV broadcasters of “squatting now on our broadband future” misses the mark. “He simply sees a world of wireless broadband, and that’s just not what the future holds,” Smith said. And the NAB chief also accused Shapiro of being out of touch: “He apparently was writing a book and missed the cord-cutting phenomenon.”

Spectrum Acquisition A Top Priority For CEA

Pushing for U.S. regulatory and congressional action to free up airwaves to handle the burgeoning use of wireless devices will be the top policy initiative of the consumer electronics industry in 2011, the head of the Consumer Electronics Association said on Tuesday.