Fox News’s New Fight Club: The DeSantis Vs. Newsom Debate

The event moderated by Sean Hannity on Thursday will feature two governors who aren’t rivals for office but have long sparred.

Ron DeSantis Accepts Gavin Newsom’s Challenge To Debate On Fox News

The California governor had taunted his Florida counterpart for months. Now, with his presidential campaign struggling, DeSantis agreed to a debate hosted by Sean Hannity.

Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom Offers To Help Negotiate Hollywood Strike

So far, neither studio executives nor actors and writers have shown formal interest in bringing Newsom to the negotiating table, said Anthony York, Newsom’s senior adviser for communications. But York said both Newsom and senior members of his administration have been in touch with all sides as the two strikes stretch deeper into the summer blockbuster season.

California Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Extending Film & TV Tax Incentives For Five More Years

On Monday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that extends the state’s $330 million-a-year Film and TV Tax Credit Program for an additional five years. The California Film Commission, which administers the program, says that it will create an estimated 60,000 jobs and $10 billion of investment over that time.


Do You Believe in Miracles? Sean Hannity And Gavin Newsom Teamed Up To Give The Best Hour Of Cable News In Ages

Travel across the partisan spectrum, and nearly every talking head will tell you in great detail that the country is splintered by fierce partisan loyalties and competing sets of “facts” while blaming their political foes for the current state of enmity. Which is why something of a miracle happened last week, during the 9 p.m. hour of Fox News of all places.

Calif. Gov. Newsom Spars With Fox News Host Hannity Over Biden, Immigration, Economy

Fox News said Monday was Newsom’s first interview on the network since 2010, back when Newsom was the mayor of San Francisco. Since then, Newsom has often joined the chorus of criticism against the conservative news outlet from Democrats who object to its coverage of guns and how some of the network’s hosts have embraced former President Donald Trump.

Gavin Newsom To Sit With Fox News’s Hannity For Interview

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) will sit with Fox News host Sean Hannity for an interview that will air next week, the network said Thursday. The interview, which will mark the Democrat’s first on the conservative cable news channel in more than a decade, will take place at the governor’s mansion in Sacramento on June 12, and “encompass topics such as immigration, current issues in California, the economy, the 2024 presidential election,” Fox News said.

Gov. Newsom Threatens Action Against UCLA Over Big Ten Move

Gov. Newsom Rips Into Fox News, OAN, Newsmax; Announces New State Unit To Combat Misinformation

California Gov. Gavin Newsom lashed out at what he called “Perhaps one of the great disinformation networks in America … One America News” for spreading “a lot of misinformation” about COVID. He did not stop there. He’s establishing the Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications, which he called “a brand new unit in the state government. It’s a strategic partnership unit and a communications unit,” that Newsom said will also “support and amplify local and community-based partnerships” and work with trusted community voices to get the message out.

Dee Dee Myers To Be Newsom Economic Adviser

Dee Dee Myers, the first female White House press secretary in history and recently a top executive for Warner Bros., will become the chief economic and business adviser for California Gov. Gavin Newsom as he grapples with a pandemic-stricken economy.

Newsom: Production Could Restart Next Week

California Gov. Gavin Newsom brought his Economic Recovery & Reinvention Listening Tour to Hollywood on Wednesday. He hosted a virtual roundtable with Californians who work in the film and television industry. “We’re in realtime drafting guidelines” for specific sectors, including the entertainment industry, he said. Those guidelines will be released on Monday and will allow some counties to move deeper into the governor’s four phase plan. Newsom made clear that this includes the entertainment industry.

Calif. Gov. Calls For Large Gatherings Ban

Citing California public health officials, Governor Gavin Newsom Wednesday night said that gatherings of more than 250 people should be postponed or canceled across the state until at least the end of March. That effectively would ground any Hollywood film and TV premieres, festivals, larger screenings and Emmy campaign events and would temporarily halt the use of live audiences in show tapings, including primetime sitcoms.