Changing Gen Z Media Consumption Habits Are Trend Setters For Other Age Groups

While younger people spend the most time with non-premium content, others are as well, according to a new survey from Hub.

Broadcasters Must Adapt Quickly To Keep Gen Z Engaged In News: Study

New research from Vizrt finds that 64% of Gen Z (64%) consume news on social media, showing the necessity for broadcasters to consider how to harness viewers’ attention on these platforms with live production solutions.

Majority Of Millennials And Gen Zers Pay For News

A new report by the Media Insight Project finds that 60% of Americans between 16 and 40 pay for or donate to news. Those rates are higher for older millennials than Gen Z, according to the project, which is a collaboration between The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute. Researchers surveyed nearly 6,000 people and found that 51% of Gen Z pay for or donate to some type of news content, compared to 67% of older millennials.

Survey Finds Young People Follow News, But Without Much Joy

Young people are following the news but aren’t too happy with what they’re seeing, according to a new study. The survey of young people ages 16 to 40 — the older of which are known as millennials and the younger Generation Z — was conducted by Media Insight Project. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

Among Gen Z, 40% Of Video Hours Come From Mobile

NBC Stations Set LX News For Gen Z, Millennials

Its new digital news brand and soon-to-launch over-the-air and streaming network is targeted to adults 18-45. LX stands for ‘Local X’ the ‘X’ signifying the “exponential abilities that LX has in telling our communities unique stories,” according to the company. LX offers opportunities for local and national advertising through its dedicated digital site and social channels, and through its over-the-air linear TV and streaming network.

The Real Threat To Traditional Media: Gen Z

They have much less regard for traditional media such as broadcast than even millennials, according to a Harris Poll. Look for media fragmentation to really speed up.

6 Of 10 Young People Prefer Digital To TV

A new study shows that watching content online instead of on TV is the new normal for young millennials and even younger Gen Zers. Just how much digital video are they watching? The average survey taker viewed 11.3 hours of free online video (on sites like YouTube) and 10.8 hours of subscription video (on sites like Netflix) for a staggering total of 22 hours a week.