Geoff Bennett And Amna Nawaz Ready Reboot Of Storied PBS News Program

Beginning Jan. 2, the long-running PBS NewsHour will debut with new co-anchors and a new approach. “We don’t make change often here at PBS, so this is a big moment for us.”

Geoff Bennett Gets Ready To Launch A Retooled ‘PBS News Weekend’

After more than eight years, the weekday and weekend editions of PBS’ signature evening newscast are finally getting together. Washington’s WETA has long produced the venerable PBS NewsHour, the show once known as the McNeil-Lehrer Report and now anchored by Judy Woodruff, while New York’s WNET has since 2013 produced the Saturday and Sunday editions of the program. Starting April 2, all seven days will be under the auspices of WETA, with Geoff Bennett, a former NBC News and MSNBC correspondent and anchor who was named the program’s chief Washington correspondent in November, taking the reins of a re-titled half-hour PBS News Weekend.

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