Reporting On Protest | Kansas City Protests Differ From Earlier Ones

KSHB’s Dia Wall: “Stereotypical camps are being broken down. This is a different energy. It’s not just Black people. This is really a melting pot.” And her colleague Kevin Holmes adds: The crowds were “the most diverse I’ve seen in my entire career.” Above, Kevin Holmes reported on the protest as the imposed curfew time for Kansas City drew near, and large crowds remained on site.


Reporting On Protest | In L.A., Protests Reflect Greater Racial Solidarity

KNBC’s Beverly White: “I’ve been covering Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles long before George Floyd’s killing. The people I see there are angry, dismayed, bewildered and compassionate. And now, they are more multiracial and multigenerational than ever.” Above, White covering a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles.

A Reporter’s Experience From Ferguson To Floyd

CNN National Correspondent Sara Sidner has led the network’s coverage from Minneapolis after the killing of George Floyd, and from Ferguson after the death of Michael Brown in 2014, and investigates hate in America.


KSHB Protest Promo Is A Call To Listen

This is another great example of how TV station marketing can be a force for good. “Seeing the protests first hand, I knew we had to do something from a marketing standpoint,” said Aaron Liversedge, KSHB’s creative services director.

More Brands Join Facebook Boycott

Though July is typically a busy season for Ben & Jerry’s and Eddie Bauer, consumers won’t find the brands on Facebook that month. On Tuesday, both companies said they were joining the boycott against Facebook and Instagram, voicing their support for the “Stop the Hate for Profit” campaign.


Reporting On Protest | A Protest Devolves, Exposing A Reporter’s Fragile Ties With Police

KMTV’s Maya Saenz: Covering an Omaha protest that fell into chaos, I realized my hard-won relationships with law enforcement counted for little in a heated moment. More worrisome still, the media’s rights can be trampled by violent caprice.

100 Days Under Fire: How Cable Is Covering Pandemic And Protest

Over the past several weeks, Mediaite has spoken with dozens of correspondents, anchors and behind-the-scenes personnel from the three major cable news networks to find out how they’ve navigated this unprecedented time.

Can A Reporter Be ‘Authentic’ And Objective?

Seven leaders tackle a debate that’s going on in newsrooms across America.


Reporters Will Share Lessons From Protest Coverage In TVNewsCheck Webinar

Since George Floyd’s death, more than 200 incidents have been reported of journalists being targeted in cities all over the country. TVNewsCheck is conducting a lunch-time webinar on Tuesday, June 30, at 1 p.m. ET for an hour-long conversation with journalists fresh from their in-the-streets coverage.


Reporting On Protest | Protest Coverage Awakens Traumatic Memory

Brandon Richard: “As an anchor/reporter at WMC-TV Memphis, I found myself trapped in narrow downtown streets between police and a lingering, angry group of protestors. With no camera or station-branded microphone in hand, I was an African-American man vulnerable to police interpretation.”

2 Sidelined Pittsburgh Journalists React: One Quits; The Other Sues

Pittsburgh Paper Becomes Its Own Story

At a time when so many local newspapers have been gobbled up by budget-slashing, profit-minded corporations, many journalists have yearned for the days when local families owned the papers and managed them with a sense of civic commitment. And yet the most toxic relationship in American media right now may be between Post-Gazette journalists and its publisher, whose family has owned the paper for nearly a century.

KSHB Anchor Holmes Joins TVN’s Reporting On Protest Webinar

Kevin Holmes, an evening anchor and reporter at E.W. Scripps-owned KSHB  Kansas City, Mo., fresh off coverage of protests there, will join Reporting on Protest: Lessons from the Front Lines, a TVNewsCheck Working Lunch webinar on June 30 at 1 p.m. ET. The killing of George Floyd galvanized protests against racial injustice across the U.S. […]

News Quandary: Should ‘Black’ Be Capitalized?

The Los Angeles Times, USA Today and NBC News last week changed their practices to do that, and the National Association of Black Journalists urged other news organizations to follow. Many are studying the idea, including The New York Times and The Associated Press. The death of George Floyd has given momentum to an idea that has essentially been dormant for a number of years.

Fox News Removes Altered Protest Zone Photos

As of Saturday, Fox News included an editors note posted at the top of at least three stories on its website covering the Seattle protest zone, saying it replaced a “home page photo collage” because it “did not clearly delineate between these images” and that it mistakenly included a St. Paul, Minn., photo in a slideshow about Seattle.

Where Will Police TV Shows Go From Here?

TV shows shape how law enforcement is viewed. And witth such a volume of crime series on air, one wonders what messages they’re disseminating.


Reporting On Protest | Amid Protestors, Police And Looters, A Fox News Reporter Finds Moments Of Authenticity

National correspondent Bryan Llenas has seen an evolution in the New York City protests around George Floyd’s killing. He’s doing everything he can to convey it straightforwardly, capturing moments of violence, fear and empathy in the process.

New Era Of Change Hits Newsrooms

‘Live P.D.’ Canceled By A&E

A&E Network has canceled the police reality series Live PD after weeks of protests inspired by the death of George Floyd and a report that a crew from the show filmed the death of another black man in police custody. The cable network announced the move Wednesday, a day after the similar show Cops, on the air for 33 seasons, was dropped by the Paramount Network.


Commentary: TV Depictions Of Cops Can’t, And Shouldn’t, Go Back To The Way They Were

John Wenzel: The pressure on TV writers and producers is enormous right now. It’s an opportunity.

Axios Allows Its Reporters To Join Protests

In a company memo, Jim VandeHei, the chief executive of the politics news site, said he supported staff members’ right to march, adding that the publisher would cover bail for any employee who is arrested.

Minnesota Police Confirm Slashing Reporters’ Tires


Reporting On Protest | In A Heated Moment, Reporter’s Tool Is Context

Christina Gonzalez: At KTTV in Los Angeles, I witnessed firsthand the dangerous intersections of protesting, looting and police misunderstanding. For everyone involved, including our viewers, it was an object lesson in the importance of context to understand what’s happening right before your eyes.


Black America Speaks. America Should Listen.

Byron Allen: Ten proposals on what the United States needs to do to never come back here again.

‘Is This Really A Turning Point?’

Seven takeaways from a candid conversation about protest coverage.


The Mission Must Drive Journalists’ Questions

Margaret Sullivan: Journalism is a mess these days. But it’s the kind of mess that American journalists could come out of stronger and better if they — and the American people they serve — grapple with some difficult questions.

Top Editor Of Philadelphia Inquirer Resigns After ‘Buildings Matter’ Headline

Inside The Revolts Erupting In America’s Big Newsrooms

Staff members’ demands helped end the tenure of James Bennet as Opinion editor of The New York Times. And they are generating tension at The Washington Post. Part of the story starts in Ferguson, Mo.

Shouts Of Solidarity For Black Reporter Pulled From Protests

A black reporter from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was told she could not cover the city’s protests over the death of George Floyd because of a tweet, and now dozens of her colleagues, fellow journalists, her union and even the city’s mayor are speaking out in support of her. On Friday the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh […]


TVN Executive Session | Hearst’s Maushard: ‘We Will Continue To Adapt’

Hearst Television’s SVP of News Barb Maushard says it’s “extremely troubling” to see journalists under fire in their coverage of recent protests over U.S. racial injustice. She lauds their commitment to facing dangers from numerous quarters in returning each day to the volatile, anxious streets of their communities and says Hearst’s news operation is ready to adapt to anything 2020 can throw at it.

What Freedom Of The Press Looks Like Now

As protests spread across the U.S., journalists are being attacked by police forces and even sustaining serious injuries. Above, NBC News journalist Ed Ou after police fired teargas and rubber bullets in Minneapolis on 30 May (Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP)

As Protests Continue, The Need For Contextual Journalism Grows

Now is the time for local journalists to do what they do best — provide context.


Should We Cancel TV Cop Shows For Good?

Amid protests against racisim after the death of George Floyd, do TV shows valorizing the police like Law & Order: SVU really belong on the air anymore?

WBMA Reporter’s Wallet Returned After It Was Stolen During Protest Coverage

Broadcasters Tackle Tough Racial Issues

Broadcast outlets are using their airwaves to help viewers grapple with the tough issues of racial and judicial inequality brought to a head by the death of George Floyd in police custody.


WAVE Reporter On Being Shot With Pepper Ball

Kaitlin Rust: “As a journalist, you never want to be the story. It makes my stomach turn to see so many other journalists experiencing much worse and much greater physical harm for simply doing their jobs.”

The Complexity Of Reporting While Black

Reporters are often faced with tough situations. For black journalists, covering the George Floyd protests and other issues of racial injustice bears additional layers of complexity, one that involves managing encounters with law enforcement while on the job, and processing the emotional toll it can take to cover these events in the first place.

Journalists Covering Civil Unrest, Know Your Rights, Report Responsibly And Stay Safe

Journalists Wage Legal Fights After Attacks

A freelance journalist, backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the city of Minneapolis, and dozens of news organizations urged Minnesota authorities to let journalists work unimpeded. One organization has logged more than 230 incidents targeting journalists since George Floyd’s death. The Associated Press captured film of New York police shoving and swearing at two of its journalists while documenting arrests Tuesday night after a curfew went into effect. Journalists covering the story are exempt from the curfew.

ACLU Sues For ‘Deliberately Targeting’ Reporters

The ACLU filed a class action lawsuit on Wednesday against law enforcement officials for city of Minneapolis and for state of Minnesota over law enforcement actions against journalists who have been covering protests to the death of George Floyd.