CBS Marketing Chief Schweitzer Looks Back

During his 48 years at CBS, George Schweitzer was in radio at CBS News under names like Walter Cronkite, served as a producer on Captain Kangaroo, worked in program practices and standards, handled broadcast operations and oversaw the network’s corporate communications. And that was before he took over CBS marketing in the early 1990s, at the same moment the entire way TV shows were promoted to audiences underwent a massive transformation.

Amazon’s Benson To Succeed CBS’s Schweitzer

Mike Benson will succeed George Schweitzer as the head of marketing at CBS, a transition that will see Schweitzer, who has been with CBS since 1972, take on the role of chairman of marketing at CBS and transition in the spring into an adviser to the company.


Since You Can’t Stop New Media, Exploit It

We may not be able to put a moratorium on new media, but we can incorporate it into the time-shifting and TV everywhere solutions that capitalize on the changes in consumer behavior they are creating. More help in understanding the new media will be available at the MFM annual conference in Atlanta in May.