Time Spent With Traditional TV Still No. 1

A new study by GfK for TVB finds that local broadcast TV, both on-air and digital, when compared to other media, maintained its position as the top medium for consumers. In addition, local broadcast TV remains the most trusted news source.

TV’s Consumer Purchasing Impact Tops All Other Media Combined

Examining consumers’ receptiveness to advertising across various platforms, TVB today released findings from the 2019 Purchase Funnel, an independent study conducted by GfK that measures the influence of media on consumers during their […]

Media Research Industry Poised To Realign

With all eyes peeled toward financial questions surrounding one of the largest media researchers — comScore — another biggie, Germany’s GfK, reportedly has put itself on the block.

Study: 17% Of U.S. Homes Rely On OTA

A new study from research firm GfK finds that 25% of U.S. homes do not subscribe to a pay TV service and about 17% rely solely on broadcast signals for their TV needs. Only 6% use the Internet to watch their favorite shows on a TV set, using either a device like a Roku or Apple TV or a Smart TV.

Study: Broadcast-Only Homes On The Rise

Research by GfK shows almost four in 10 homes with an 18-34 year-old resident rely on broadcast-only or Internet-only alternatives to cable or satellite.


Viewers Check Cable First, Then Broadcast

Research from GfK shows the percentage of viewers (18-49) who cite a broadcast channel as one of the top three they turn to has dropped from 49% in 2008 to 42% this year. Those mentioning a cable network among the first three has risen from 80% to 85% over the same period.