Newsrooms Need To Know About Google+

If you’re among those with more questions than answers about Google+, Kim Wilson explains this new social platform from the search giant. Social platforms come and go and Google is still the new kid on the block, she notes, but with rumors of SEO influence swirling, most newsrooms are taking G+ seriously.


Mining Social Media Engagement To The Max

USC’s Robert Hernandez has emerged as a social media guru, advising journalists and media companies on how to mine and manage this increasingly important audience engagement tool. Companies that ignore Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media outlets face a dim future, he says.

Google+ Pulls More Brand Accounts

As a follow-up to yesterday’s story about KOMU Columbia, Mo., having its account suspended, Google+ has apparently begun suspending more brand accounts. Gone are Breaking News and Poynter for starters. NBC News voluntarily removed its account, Community Manager Anthony Quintano said via his personal account.

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KOMU’s Google+ Account Killed

Google has apparently disabled the Google+ account belonging to NBC affiliate KOMU Columbia, Mo., says one of the station’s most prolific Google+ users, anchor Sarah Hill, in a public post in her personal account.

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KOMU Puts Google+ Video Chat On The Air

Columbia, Mo., NBC affiliate KOMU uses Google+’s Google Hangout video chat feature to interact with television viewers during its live newscast.