Google Glass Used To Broadcast Surgery Live


CNN’s Futurist Sees Shift On UGC, Wearables

Victor Hernandez, CNN’s program manager for editorial systems, says wearable technology such as Google Glass is coming and media companies would do well to see it intertwined with users’ behavior on their other screens. Hernandez also says that user-generated content has been elevated to a new level of importance, holding an equal footing with the network’s professional journalism.

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WRAL Raleigh To Go Live With Google Glass

Beginning today and continuing each day through Friday, a different news person will wear the glasses between 6:30 and 7 a.m., giving on air and online viewers an unusual perspective of the broadcast. Anchor Bill Leslie is first up with the high-tech eyewear.


WROC’s Google Eye View Of The Super Bowl

Kucko with Google GlassWROC sports anchor John Kucko not only covers the big games for his Rochester, N.Y. CBS affiliate, he’s the go-to guy for many of parent Nexstar Broadcasting Group’s other stations across the country. For the Super Bowl this year he gave the 26 other stations something extra and cutting edge: views of the event through the new Google Glass technology.


CBS Affil To Use Google Glass At Super Bowl

Television viewers will get a first hand view of the Super Bowl experience from the perspective of John Kucko, reporter and sports anchor at Rochester, N.Y., CBS affiliate WROC. Using a head-up display and the forward-facing cameras, Kucko will broadcast the unique sights and sounds of the week-long festivities leading up to the big game.


Advertising’s Future Metric: Pay-Per-Gaze

Advertising is going to change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 100. If you need proof of that, just look at the patent Google was granted Thursday for a Google Glass-based ad system. Dubbed “pay-per-gaze,” the content would charge advertisers for the number of times someone literally looked at their ad. The concept is buried pages deep in a patent for a “gaze tracking technique … implemented with a head-mounted gaze-tracking device that communicates with a server.”