Grant Tinker’s TV Legacy Is All Around Us

You can catch glimpses of the legendary TV executive’s legacy in so many places. Shows that were developed or championed by Tinker set the stage for much of what’s great about TV now. Of course, the programs that he helped birth during his time at MTM and NBC were all over the map, and they can’t be limited by an easily defined set of qualities.

TV Programming Icon Grant Tinker Dies At 90

Television broadcasting legend and former NBC chairman Grant Tinker died at his home in California on Monday at age 90. Though he had three tours of duty with NBC, the last as its chairman, Tinker was perhaps best-known as the nurturing hand at MTM Enterprises, the production company he founded in 1970 and ran for a decade. Nothing less than a creative salon, MTM scored with some TV’s most respected and best-loved programs, including Lou Grant, ‘Rhoda, ‘The Bob Newhart Show and, of course, the series that starred his business partner and then-wife, Mary Tyler Moore.