‘Grease’ Shows That Fox Can Do Musicals

With Sunday night’s hectic, ambitious and hormonal Grease, Fox proved it could up the ante in the new mini-industry of musicals on TV, an industry so far controlled by NBC, with its The Sound of Music Live ‘Peter Pan Live and The Wiz Live. Grease: Live was captured by 44 cameras and performed on two massive Warner Bros. soundstages over 20 acres in Burbank, Calif.

Fox Hopes For Hot Ratings With ‘Grease: Live’

Ever since NBC’s success with the live Sound of Music in 2012, event musicals have become a more frequent broadcast network staple. ABC plans a musical remake of Dirty Dancing and Fox intends to do a new Rocky Horror Picture Show later this year. For its first entry, Fox offers Grease: Live on Sunday, a mashup of the original stage musical and the 1978 movie that followed it.

Fox’s ‘Grease: Live’ To Have Studio Audience

Fresh off Broadway blockbuster Hamilton, director Thomas Kail and designer David Korins reveal plans for Fox’s Jan. 31 entry into the live musical game. In a further attempt to bring the immediacy of theater to television, Fox’s upcoming Grease: Live will be the first of the recent crop of small-screen live musical events to be staged in front of a studio audience.

First Promo For Fox’s ‘Grease: Live’

Fox aired the first video promo for the star-studded, live production during Tuesday night’s episode of Scream Queens.