Veteran British Broadcaster Andrew Neil Quits As Chairman Of GB News

LONDON (AP) — British broadcasting veteran Andrew Neil stepped down Monday as chairman of GB News, just three months after he launched it amid great fanfare to provide an alternative to an alleged “metropolitan elite” bias among the U.K.’s established news channels. GB News, which has struggled for viewers since its launch and often faced […]

Australia Deports Commentator Hopkins For Quarantine Boast

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins was deported from Australia on Monday after she boasted on social media that she planned to breach the country’s quarantine rules. Hopkins traveled to Australia to appear in a reality television program and was in a 14-day mandatory hotel quarantine in Sydney before filming was to […]

Britain Plans Sale Of Broadcaster Channel 4

GB News launches In Britain To Take On ‘Woke Warriors’

FNC’s Handling Of Rich Story Could Snag Sky Deal