Guy Tasaka Named Managing Director Of LMA Tech Resource Center

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How To Take Advantage Of OTT Opportunities

Stations can get tools and platforms that will deliver ads, target ads and do all the backend content distribution and data analytics. But to be successful, “it really goes back to understanding who your audience is and how they want to interact with your content.”

Tasaka Named LMA’s Innovator Of The Year

Guy Tasaka, chief digital officer and VP at Calkins Media, has been honored as the Local Media Association’s Innovator of the Year, the organization said Friday. Tasaka has pioneered the role of OTT at the local media level, where he has also developed a robust digital video platform for Calkins’ newspapers and broadcast stations.

Video And OTT Are Future For Calkins’ Papers

Guy Tasaka, Calkins’ chief digital officer, is one of the principal architects of a strategy for his company that sees a post-newspaper and television future where well-made online video is an indispensible part of the content mix. Tasaka says dismissive broadcasters shouldn’t underestimate the better-staffed newsrooms of newspapers and the ability to train reporters on video.