Cybercrime And Remote Work: Tools For Waging The War

Remote work has been in full swing for well over a year, and for some companies, it has become permanent, for at least a portion of employees. Along with the work-from-home trend, cyberattacks have escalated, as hackers take advantage of less-than-secure technology infrastructure and computer configurations. Fortunately, industry insiders have thought the issues through, and offer us their best practices for keeping cyberattacks at bay.

Split Card For Showtime Vs. Hackers

It appears the restraining order Showtime obtained earlier this month from a federal court against websites that had advertised they would make the pay-per-view Mayweather-McGregor bout available for free was effective. Legitimate video distributors charged $100 to buy the event in HD. But the far more widespread theft of Saturday night’s boxing match took place through the use of a software program and “add-on” apps that consumers worldwide are now using steal programming, channelsFlo and content of all kinds.

Hacker Releases 8 Eps. of Unaired ABC Series

Hacker thedarkoverlord has leaked eight episodes of unaired reality competition series, Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, which was set to premiere this Sunday on ABC. The group (or individual, we have no idea) had threatened the Disney broadcast network this past Friday.

Hacker Behind ‘Orange’ Leak Threatens ABC

Disney doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break with hackers: The Dark Overlord, the hacker or hackers behind the leak of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, issued a vague threat against ABC via Twitter on Friday, suggesting that it might release one of the broadcaster’s TV shows online. “American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen,” the tweet read.

Hackers Who Hit French TV Station Still Active

MONACO (AP) — The hackers who knocked a major French television station offline last year are still regularly trying break in to French government computers, a senior cybersecurity official said […]