Hashtags Upset Viewers, Please Marketers

Like any good, creative trend, the hashtag phenomenon has now gone overboard. Helpful at first, those little # signs with a relevant word in the corner of the screen — the Twitter-friendly handle for a show or topic — now risk becoming an irritant. Hashtags are cluttering primetime, having migrated from our Twitter feeds to TV.


ONA 2012

Study: Hashtags, URLs Double Engagement

Twitter’s research into how journalists can best grow their followings found that they should be a firehose of information about their beat, use hashtags and @ mentions as much as they can, and share what they’re reading. Twitter announced the findings at the Online News Association’s conference in San Francisco Thursday.

KKTV Uses Hashtag In Fire Coverage

ABC’s ‘World News’ Sporting Hashtag Bug

Twitter Changes Celebrity Endorsements

NEW YORK (AP) — Rapper Snoop Dogg gave props on Twitter to an ad for the Toyota Sienna minivan. Actress Tori Spelling linked to a website for rental cars. And reality TV star Khloe Kardashian soliloquized about the brand of jeans that accentuates the famous Kardashian derriere. “Want to know how Old Navy makes your […]

DMA 11

WXYZ Taps #Backchannel For ‘Good News’

Don’t just complain about sad news – do something about it! That’s what viewers of and staffers from WXYZ Detroit did, using the power of social media in the community. Using the Twitter hashtag #backchannel and Facebook, a group of more than 100 people gathered to help clean up Detroit.

Twitter Hashtags Appearing On Fox Shows